Anisama 09 yukanana cont. + random news

Super Pro YukaNana fans found it!

The legendary scene where they were holding their hands — !

This is from a cropped but not resized 1920 x 1080 screencap, so it’s pretty much as big as it gets orz. I downloaded some crappy 480p rip so there’s not even any point in making a gif here… I’m very thankful that we can at least see a glimpse of this on video though XD

Anyways. What’s new? I’ve been kind of out of the loop.

NHK Haru Uta 2010

lol WTF Yozakura Oshichi.

If nobody told me who was on stage I would’ve thought that it was a Yukarin concert with all the pink penlights.

Hmm, I question the choice of POWER GATE; I think it’s a bit too wota-flavoured for mainstreamers to like (especially with the UO and wotagei).

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like Nana-san looks even more loli than usual lol. It must be the uniform!

Kitano Kii is kind of cute too (´・ω・`)

8th album out on July 7

My wallet \(^o^)/

Why do they always do that? What use is it if you don’t make all then numbers the same, seriously. It’s like GREAT ACTIVITY all over again: eighth track is entitled “SEVEN”…

B gata H kei


… OH MY LORD щ(゚Д゚*щ)(屮*゚Д゚)屮

    • amelala
    • March 31st, 2010

    O_o rly Nana holding Yukarin!!! *faint* lol the pink penlight i was suprise that they use pink for that enka song XD

    • raizoo
    • March 31st, 2010

    – Well, someone else made the .gif so why not. Gotta find this when I have time to play with my blu-rays.

    Pink penlights and Yukarin. <3! Power Gate is a fan favourite, but yeah, I thought it was a weird song choice after the first song. And Nana's hair-ties made me think of Fate… ^^; Yukarin with Nanoha ribbons where.

    >> It’s like GREAT ACTIVITY all over again: eighth track is entitled “SEVEN”…
    – OTL… Don’t forget that 2-day live at Seibu Dome. Busy girl Nana is, eh. And I’m sort of tired of the whole Nana and seven thing too now. -w-;

    fff, a little under an hour ’til I see B-gata H-kei on TokyoMX hopefully. ;A;!!!!

    • >> gif

      You look like you are showing severe symptoms of the ANYTHING-CAN-BE-SEIYUU-YURI Syndrome. Whelps, it’s too late now; you have no hope.

      Haha, I tend to forget about the concerts since there’s no way I’ll be there DX

      I’m going to rush off to B-gata right now!!

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