Michishige Sayumi Official Blog – April 2

Don’t like Sayu or even care about H!P anymore, but I’m subscribed to her on Google Reader. Among the 500 entries she writes everyday, this happened to catch my eye.

Today’s MBS Young Town Saturday Morning Musume OG member was Fujimoto Miki-san ♪

Mikitty——– ! (laugh)

The moment she saw me!
“Your hair, it’s black!
Did you dye it?”

………(・_・) Eh..? …
Eh, um.
I’ve never dyed my hair…?

Fujimoto-san is so halfhearted (゜∇゜) (laugh)

When I said,
“Ever since I first joined [Morning Musume] I’ve never dyed my hair!”
She replied

Fuijmoto-san really doesn’t care (゜∇゜) (laugh)

Putting everything aside,
It was just the usual Fujimoto-san ♪

Whenever I meet her I feel like I’m sharing in her happiness♪♪♪

Probably, Fujimoto-san herself is really happy right now [at this point in life].

When I see Fujimoto-san’s non-fabricated personality and her forward-facing nature, it makes me really energetic↑↑

I love Fujimoto-san ♪

Mikitty——– !

I under stand why people would want to say that now (laugh)

Thought this was pretty cute haha.

But it’s very true… I also understand that “Mikitty — !” moment. I’m convinced that behind that fierce personality secretly lies a moeblob (´・ω・`)

I’m also sure that there are still people there hating Shouji, lol.

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