Code Blue 2nd season – final thoughts

Somehow this ended up taking almost week even though they’re basically 5-minute thoughts ^^; This is no in-depth analysis, so don’t look for that here. Just my usual senseless ramblings.

Dun dun dun let’s get this thing started!


Guess who had to bend down to make someone else look taller, LOL.

CB has an above average script. Each incident is clearly crafted to continually shape the fellows, so I don’t really have any great qualms with that. Except in two cases: Hiyama’s incident and Aizawa’s transfer to neurosurgery. I’ve talked about Hiyama previously: the way Hiyama’s suspension just kind of expired was lame. I’m glad she at least got back on track in the finale though. On the other hand Aizawa… what the hell? Random as crap.

It felt like there wasn’t enough time to fit all the things the scriptwriter wanted to do. For example, the Todoroki-Morimoto-Nixon triangle was really poorly developed. I know it’s supposed to be like a side dish kind of thing but we have nooooo idea why Todoroki suddenly changed her mind (again). Oh, and there’s a lot of themes from season 1 that never even got brought up again, e.g. the “I will become a famous doctor!” theme. Not that I really gave a crap.

In comparison to season 1, season 2 tugs a lot at the heartstrings. No more glorifying doctors, just patients dying dying and dying. Well… that’s the reality of life. I have a bit of a small confession to make: I complained about all these episodes being too sad but I’ve actually only cried once, in the very first episode with Saejima and her boyfriend :|. I think it’s also because that was the only episode where I watched sub first (before I went “HOLY CRAP! CRAZY SHIRAISHI X HIYAMA, MUST WATCH THE RAW EVERY WEEK”)


Hmm, looks like Hiyama...

Even if it’s a light like fireworks
that can never be caught,
One more time, one more time, one more time, one more time
I want to reach out for it.

— Mr. Children’s “HANABI”

CB has pretty good music; all of them fit the scenes they appear in nicely. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a new ending theme, but upon further examination of HANABI’s lyrics, really, no other song could replace it as Code Blue‘s theme.

But no track from this season really made a huge impression on me. Last season, the one that made its mark was “Player”. I only recall it being played in one single scene in episode 1: during Aizawa’s first incident with the guy’s arm being crushed in some kind of machinery. The moment right after Aizawa says “切断、ですね。” after less than ten seconds of thinking.

Does anyone want to take part in trying to decipher this season’s action trance music? Last season we had “I wanna give you all my love”, “let’s get this thing started”, “work it out work it out work it out… check that body”. This season we might have something that topped even that… A clip from “Evident Sequence” (starting from 1:45):

Someone PLEASE tell me what that guy is singing. I’m hearing “I’m right, this boss in my phone” LOL WTF.

This track rocks but was too underplayed. I like me my LIAR GAME-like electronic/trance music.


I’m sorry you can notice how extremely biased I am here, but hey, it’s my blog, lol.

Yamashita Tomohisa (Aizawa Kousaku) – From season 1, my initial impression of Aizawa was just.. ughh. Like most other impressions I have of Yamapi’s roles, basically. This guy tries way too hard to act cool. Second season has Aizawa getting more human and even developing trusting relationships with Shiraishi other people, which is great.

I don’t know if playing these roles is Yamapi’s forte or it’s just his plain inability to act, but whelp, whatever. I’m aware that Yamapi can act better than this but Aizawa doesn’t give him a lot of room to make the audience wow at his acting. At least last season he got to cry but this season was just like “oh my god my daddd” <_<.

Aragaki Yui (Shiraishi Megumi) – Dull character who got a power up in the second season; that’s basically it. I think there was quite a few people that hated Shiraishi in season 1 due to her lack of presence, but season 2 certainly showed those people.

After two seasons, I still don’t see the actress named “Aragaki Yui”. It’s like I can’t even recognize her face here. It might be because of the mass media image of Gakki being a pure and innocent girl stuck in my mind. Gakki really needs more roles like this. It’s not that I particularly took a liking to the character called “Shiraishi Megumi”, but she was really cool & ikemen here. Instead of those rubbish pure love drama roles (I’m looking at you, Koizora), these characters are what she need. Anyways, great acting in a lot of scenes like the train crying scene.

Toda Erika (Hiyama Mihoko) – By FAR my favourite character. Started out in season 1 as probably the most well-rounded fellow out of the four, and was the character I feel the audience was supposed to relate to the most. At the beginning of CB I thought that she was the only “normal” person out of the bunch: Aizawa’s too cool, Shiraishi’s too bookwormy, Fujikawa’s too annoying. Her hardworking quality and hate for losing are pretty stereotypical, but hey, it works, so I buy it.

Somehow, by the end of this season, she ended up in a situation like this… but anyways. Couple of scenes really stuck out in my mind as “ahh Toda’s acting has really improved” are mostly the ones with Shiraishi when she’s all verbally abusive lol. Especially that expression in episode 2 after she told Shiraishi that she was just “an arrogant doctor”.

Higa Manami (Saejima Haruka) – Every time Saejima was pained thinking of Satoshi, I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as well. I’m happy that she’s able to move on. It’s a shame that Saejima is starting to approve of the fellows and doesn’t yell at them as much anymore. I miss the sharp-tongued abusive Saejima lol.

I’m not familiar with Higa at all since she’s usually on the big screen (CB is actually her first serial drama series). Didn’t have problems with her acting at all, even loved that speech at Satoshi’s memorial.

Asari Yousuke (Fujikawa Kazuo) – Fujikawa didn’t change much from season 1. Maybe he’s become a tiny bit more reliable ^^;.  Lovable character anyway. Scenes where he is cheering on Saejima were touching and actually made me think “Fujikawa is so manly and cool!” Maybe someday he’ll even be able to subdue the ice woman herself.

Asari claims to be a hardworking person in real life (even though his blog is all “I’m playing MonHun right now!!”) so this gap between Fujikawa and him is kind of funny. Oh, and am I the only one who thinks Asari is actually kind of cool with that stubble thing going on? If only he was a bit taller </3. It must be hard playing as the underdog the whole time… good work, Fujikawa-kun m(_ _)m

Other more minor characters were played exceptionally well too. Kudos to Shiina Kippei (Tachibana) and Ryou (Mitsui) especially for their awkward ex-married-couple moments.

Love!? / Favourite scenes picspam

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I will let them speak for me. There’s lots of other awkward lovey dovey scenes/I have a lot of other favourite scenes besides what’s shown here, but I’m trying to narrow it down so it’s not like 82378 images >_<.

In no particular order:


If you notice any oddities or frequent appearances of any pairing, it’s your imagination (´・ω・`)

That faint scent of ambiguous love in the air between the cast really makes gets me. Who needs that concrete stuff anyway!?

Other random stuff

I looked at the popularity of all my Code Blue posts and actually the results are quite interesting.

1. Episode 1
2. Episode 7
3. Episode 4
4. Episode 2
5. Episode 6
6. Episode 9
7. Episode 5
8. Episode 8
9. Episode 10
10. Episode 3
11. Episode 11

(Keep in mind that the later the episode aired, the less “exposure” it would have had)

Besides the initial episode, episode 7 and 4 stuck out the most. I assume that basically everybody wants to see drunken doctors at karaoke lol. Those happen to be the main Shiraishi x Hiyama episodes as well, lmao.

And now onto my complaints.

We didn’t get hospital director Shiraishi.

We didn’t get Shiraishi, Hiyama and Aizawa playing multiplayer online games.

But most importantly, we didn’t even get this, which would most definitely have been a legendary scene. Oh god, I almost feel sorry for Aizawa/Shiraishi fans.

Keyword: almost. Sucks to be you guys, lol.

Anyways, nah… I don’t really have much to complain about. It’s been extremely long since my heart burned so strongly for a Jdrama.

Thank you, staff, for a well-thought out story.

Thank you, cast, for performing wonderfully on each and every role.

Thank you, Code Blue, for a wonderful two-and-a-half months.

Thank you, everybody who even bothered reading these jumbled thoughts.

I’m not willing to give up Shiraishi x Hiyama yet, so my next drama to rumble through will be the unofficial precedent of Toda x Gakki, Galcir. I hear tales of delicious Naigsa x Saki. This season? I plan to only watch that Twitter drama, Sunao ni Narenakute. Probably not going to blog about it unless if it’s good on godly level.

Until the day we meet again!

    • Gauri
    • April 6th, 2010

    lol….yes, that would have been a legendary scene indeed!!! i feel sorry for us as well….
    and i like the way u wrote and then cancelled out shiraishi’s name wen talking about aizawa’s relationships….

  1. OMG!!!

    Why? why???

    Why am I just coming upon this blog just now, like, ages after the drama AIR’d?


    You has no idea how happy I am that there were…are other Hiyama x Shiraishi fans out there!

    I swear CB2 was like a fan feast for the Gakki x Todi fans that is!

    And yeah, Hiyama was my favorite too. When watching Season 2, I felt like I didn’t watch season 1 honestly since I didn’t remember Hiyama getting that much screen time. Season 2 was just so much Hiyama it was craze!

    Okay, that’s it…I am making an MV about these two.

    Once I find an appropriate song….

    Now to go read all your Episodical reviews…..

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  1. April 3rd, 2010

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