Mizuki Nana Official Blog – April 6

Lyrical Wrap-up Party ☆

Thank you for all the mail during
yesterday’s Mizuki Nana’s Say You Young! (:_;)
Despite it being late into the night, everyone stuck with me until the very end!
Really, thank you very much! (≧▽≦)/

I talked about it a little on the show too…☆
Yesterday was Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st‘s wrap-up party! (^O^)/
I did the opening ceremony[1] along with Yukari-san,
and even won a Dyson vacuum cleaner[2] despite my usual bad luck with the lottery…
It was really a valuable experience (≧ω≦)/
But to win something like a vacuum cleaner…
It might be a divine message from God
telling me, “Go clean up your room!” (laugh)

Why is the party three months after the release of the movie? Lol.

Eh, Nana-san already has a Roomba so I’m not sure if this new vacuum cleaner will be of much use. This must be part of the whole bad luck thing, hahaha. “We’ll let you win something, but you won’t have any use for it (´・ω・`)” XD. I have a regular vacuum cleaner so I have no idea how effective those Roomba ones are, though by the looks of the YouTube videos it is pretty darn awesome. Lazy people like me gotta get one of these… Oops, why is this turning into a housewife blog. ANYWAYS ANYWAYS.

That is a lovely blog photo ♥ Been needing fuel for my seiyuu yuri fandom lately. Now to wait and see if Yukarin will say anything about it :| Maybe we’ll get the photo in a larger resolution (along with a kickass filename, hopefully).

1. ^ At celebration events, using a wooden mallet to break open the sake barrel and then toasting. Similar to the Western tradition of shaking and popping open wine bottles? More @ Wiki.

2. ^ It looks like a missile launcher.

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