New Kuwazugirai Ou: Mizuki Nana vs Kim Jaejoong

These past few weeks it seems like my life has been pretty hectic (hint: grad), but it’s finally calmed down a bit. After what seems to be ages, I bring a post with actual content!

Admittedly I haven’t been keeping up with stuff lately but I was reading Nana-san’s blog which mentioned the airing of this. So I was like “ohh yeahhh!”  It’s still pretty surreal seeing her on an actual popular TV show (that Keitai Oogiri thing is complete bull). What’s even more surreal is that her opponent is none other than the Korean hottie Kim Jaejoong from the popular (and now defunct in Japan… lol) band Tohoshinki. Not a bad match at all, both are popular and still rising. Tohoshinki is actually one of the Korean boy bands I like better so this is a pretty good deal for me.

Anyways, the two contestants enter, Nana-san with Ishibashi Takaaki (“Taka-san”) and Jaejoong with Kinashi Noritake.

For some odd reason the topic of “Mizuki Nana” switched to “Yabu Toushirou” (producer of most of Nana’s old songs) who is also at the studio today lol. It seems that Taka-san has heard of him once or twice before.

But anywaaays. It turns out Kinashi went to Nana-san’s Seibu Dome live last year! He praises her for her great voice and… energetic fans. Taka-san asks to be invited to one of her lives someday.

The focus turns to Jaejoong. Taka-san starts making fun of Jaejoong by adding “seyo” to the end of everything (because “hi” in Korean is “annyeong haseyo”) which was pretty LOL.

Taka-san: Are you going to be okay seyo? You’re alone this time seyo.
Jaejoong: … Was that supposed to be Korean just now?
Taka-san: You’re by yourself seyo.
Jaejoong: I don’t get that “seyo”…

All invited guests are actually here to promote something. Jaejoong is here for Sunao ni Narenakute which I haven’t been watching for about four episodes, lol. I’ll catch up later. Taka-san tries to ask about what happens in the show (titlle meaning “I couldn’t be honest”) and so Jaejoong was like “Well.. I can’t tell you” XD.

Nana-san’s obviously promoting “INPPPAKUTO EKUSAITAAA  *wipes spit*” as Taka-san says it LOL. That, and the Seibu Dome live this year. He’s a bit confused that there’s a Red and Blue Stage and Kinashi explains that all the fans use different-coloured penlights for each “stage” and each song lol. In the Seibu Dome live last year, he saw fans go “.. ah, it’s this song! *brings out a specifically-coloured penlight*” and do the Wolverine thing with penlights between each finger lol.

Enough with the introduction. We’re finally introduced to the menu. For Jaejoong, we have:

  • basashi (uhh… horse sashimi)
  • sundae (cow/pig intestines stuffed with other stuff)
  • nattou (fermented soybeans)
  • uni no gunkanmaki (sea urchin warship roll, aka fancy sushi)

(For those unfamiliar with the show, basically each contestant has four dishes: three they love and one they dislike. The objective for the other contestant is to try to find which one the disliked dish is.)

Nana-san has him eat nattou first.

And so he does. While continually reaffirming that he does love nattou, LOL. He keeps eating and it’s like “… can I stop now?” XDD. Taka-san and Nana-san discuss the probability of this being the disliked food but it seems to be low despite Jaejoong’s suspicious constant smiling. “If it wasn’t yummy he can’t do that kind of acting seyo!” LOL.

Jaejoong confesses that he doesn’t really have likes and dislikes for food and Taka-san looks at the menu and asks if it’s only sea urchins he hates. Nice try, but Jaejoong is too smart to fall for that. Jaejoong says he loves sea urchins so Taka-san marks down that it’s probably not sea urchins he hates either LOL. Not smart enough to not answer, apparently.

Nana-san’s menu includes

  • mozuku-su (seaweed salad with vinegar dressing)
  • celery sticks
  • Gindara no saikyouyaki (silver cod cooked in saikyou miso)
  • Fried quail eggs

Yeah, okay, I am really no expert on food. But more importantly, just as I thought, there’s no tomatoes!

Kinashi asks if Nana-san does more voice-acting or singing, and she says it’s about half and half. That’s really complete bull right there, lol. Jaejoong spaces out in the middle concentrating on the seaweed salad Nana-san is holding.

Taka-san: Jaejoong, are you even listening?
Jaejoong: Huh– yeah, yeah I am.

Nana-san eats the seaweed salad. She keeps talking and Jaejoong accuses her of hating it cause she won’t put it in her mouth ^^;. Jaejoong puts this on the list of stuff that’s suspicious. Anyways, we move on to the next item for Jaejoong: the sea urchin sushi.

He looks positively suspicious himself while eating it, as if he’s going to barf LOL. Taka-san straightfowardly asks if Jaejoong lies and he admits to lying sometimes XD.

Second item on the menu for Nana-san is the celery sticks. This seems to be a heavily-hated item among celebrities who have been on this show, which could be a big hint. She says she enjoys eating raw vegetables as sticks like this though.

Jaejoong thinks that it’s super super suspicious lol.

Taka-san asks if the most popular character Nana voices has some sort of a catchphrase. Nana-san chooses and does her Cure Blossom voice thingy.

Taka-san starts making fun of her fans who would react like the above after hearing those lines at a concert haha.

Back to the actual food eating, Jaejoong is very confused because Nana-san put on an unhappy face while eating it.

Nana-san chooses the horse sashimi for Jaejoong next. This is actually the very show where I first found out Japanese people eat horse. Yeah, I’m uneducated. I had no idea people ate horse.

Taka-san asks what type of girl Jaejoong likes and he favours girls with pretty hands. So Taka-san shows him Nana-san’s hands, and Jaejoong basically starts freaking out like “ehh!?” because he claims that Nana-san’s hands have a nice aura radiating off them. Falling in love? XD

Jaejoong requires a girl to have a nice aura from her legs as well lol… so Taka-san poses a thought-provoking question.

Taka-san: What if their hands and legs have a nice aura but their face is completely disgusting?
Jaejoong: … I might be able to forgo that!

They ask what type of guy Nana-san likes and she admits to having a voice fetish for guys with a medium-low kind of voice. She meets these kinds of guys often at work which makes her feel like falling in love all the time XD.

Anyways, they continue with the food. Nana-san eats that silver cod thing. Jaejoong is sure that Nana-san loves this dish.

Jaejoong finishes his menu with the last Korean dish, sundae. Doesn’t seem to be a problem especially since he’s Korean.

They get onto the topic of Nana visiting Korea. Jaejoong agrees to be a guide Nana-san if she ever goes, because he “knows everything about Korea” <_<.

Fried quail eggs is last. Nana-san mentions that she likes to add curry sauce or something to it and dayuummm that looks and sounds really delicious. Jaejoong thinks the same and actually tries some of it himself. He finds it yummy as well so this is probably not the disliked food.

With all the dishes down, it’s time to guess the disliked food.

Nana-san guesses the horse sashimi.

Jaejoong guesses the seaweed salad.

… and Nana-san wins. Jaejoong does hate the horse sashimi but Nana-san loves the seaweed salad. Nana-san made the guess based on the fact that Jaejoong seemed like he wasn’t really willing to swallow it.

It was actually the celery sticks.

Jaejoong loses & has to do a penalty game.

I feel like Jaejoong is following the Johnny’s curse of never winning on this show, lol.

He chooses to sing & MAKE UP DANCE MOVES to Ponyo.

“Ponyo, ponyo, sakana no ko~ … What were the next lyrics again?”

Haha, that’s so cute. Taka-san was gonna beat him up if it turned out  cool.

Anyways, everyone ends up pressuring Nana-san into imitating Cure Blossom with dance moves and everything, lol. Even though she won… !

“PRECURE! OPEN MY HEART! The flower spreading through the land, Cure Blossom!”


General reaction:


Final thoughts

Actually, this was a pretty amusing watch. I don’t know if Jaejoong is nervous or just rude or what but he has half his body turned away from Nana-san all the time. He usually stares at Kinashi, sometimes glances at Taka-san but nearly never looks at Nana-san. That was actually pretty annoying, but yeah… good watch overall; a must for Nana & Jaejoong fans alike.

    • aish
    • June 21st, 2010

    hello I also love my nana-san participation in this television program etto …… I would like to ask if you can make a full translation of the whole program for subtitling …. I found very amusing .. I ask you to translate it because my Japanese is 5% too low .. and almost no change, I mean if I had I think subs would be much better .. Please could you … ahh and do not worry, I’ll upload it to my blog or much better for you to step directly download link .. because I have an account on megaupload and 4shared .. would greatly appreciate if you help me .. I love your imforme of this program and about what to Jaejoong .. uhmm I think I was very nervous … well I think … and I really like the idea of a parejanana-Jaejoong .. Furthermore, both are singers …. I think it would be very buenooo .. not to good …. but it would be nice …… I think? … good thank you very much for sharing this … ahh .. bye bye … my msn is [RETRACTED FOR PRIVACY REASONS].. so if you want we can share many things ……. nana-san byee

    • amelala
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Woot! thank for the info ^_^ i was wondering y Taka-san take Nana-chan’s hand in the 1st place XD but now i no y bahahaha!!!

    lol Nana-chan have to dance-voice even she won it *but its CUTE!!!*

    • Ddalgibread
    • March 18th, 2014

    Lol It’s been four years since this, so I don’t know how I’m JUST seeing this ^.^; I really enjoyed the show too. Seeing Nana Mizuki and Jaejoong on the same show really surprised me since it’s just such an unusual pairing XD I loved how Nana did her cure blossom thing at the end and everyone just burst out laughing!! She’s really cute (although I found how she kept nodding her head just a bit annoying ^.^;) Oh, and I think that Jaejoong wasn’t trying to be rude to Ms.Nana Mizuki. Maybe he was just shy and that’s it. :3 Anyways, nice episode synopsis :D There were parts that I didn’t understand and this really helped a lot!! <3

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