Mizuki Nana Official Blog November 22

Today was the public recording of Shinseiki Anison SP 4 (^O^)/
Every time, Anison SP just powers up to a new level☆
To complement that intensity, there are suitable costumes each time…  So,
This time I performed in the silver costume that was made for the first ever Anisama!!
It’s a costume from 5 years ago, but it still fits just right~ (lol)
Thank goodness (>_<)

I collaborated with May’n-chan for the first time too♪
We sang “ETERNAL BLAZE” and “Diamond Crevasse”~(≧ω≦)/
I was super super nervous, but it was really fun! o(^-^)o
All of you have to watch the broadcasting☆☆☆



What was the one thing that was going to make me happier than a Mizuki Nana x Tamura Yukari duet? A second one A Mizuki Nana x May’n duet! I can’t wait to see how things will turn out with two powerhouse voices. Especially Nana-san with Diamond Crevasse (since May’n has sung Etabure before)… how well will she fit with the song!?

In any case, I’m super excited about this, please broadcast soon <:

It’s saddening to see that my post about Nana-san’s blog about the third Anison SP in June is like four posts away from this one, lol. Hopefully when this is broadcasted I’ll get in the groove again!?

  1. I dunno if you know this already or not, but Yukarin and Nana did another duet, another nanoha medley, at Lyrical Party 4 several days ago!! o(*A*)o
    Wanna see~!

      • amelala
      • November 28th, 2010

      i heard abt it too!! same songs…but this time is the full ver. for both songs!!!! ^_^!

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