I’m back… ?

No, I’m afraid I can’t say that…

There’s been some changes in my life and I no longer spend as much time on anime/drama-watching/idol-drooling/blog as I’d like to. Just leaving a digital mark here to say that err well I’m still alive in real life! Not that I have a life

But in other news.. what have I been doing within the last while?

  • Dying in uni
  • Pigging out at fast food restaurants
  • Contemplating on whether to buy Nana-san’s 23rd/24th singles or not

… Holy crap I can’t believe this basically sums up all I’ve done within the last few months LOL.

Well, I also started to watch Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta (actually I’m watching ep 1 as this post is being typed up) because I still haven’t forgotten about meeting everyone at the next drama Toda Erika/Gakki appears in XD but omg this is sooo painful to watch, knowing Miura is like 50 years longer than Toda and they start interlocking fingers and stuff.

… Actually I exaggerate too much. I just looked it up and they’re only 2 years apart but I swear I thought Miura was like 18 or something LOL. Probably because he was 17 or so in 14sai no Haha where I first saw him.. I feel like an auntie who goes “you’ve grown so muuch!” upon seeing her nieces and nephews lol.

And oh gosh, is it just me or is Miura’s mole super distracting.

I… should just end the post here before I go off on another tangent ._.

Hopefully my next post won’t be four months later :S But who knows?

PS. Condolences to those in Japan. It’s very saddening to hear what’s happening over there right now, especially with the radiation and all. I sincerely hope the situation will be resolved soon.

  1. Wow- you’re hooked on pokemon black and white as well huh? 8D
    same here!!

    oh and the contemplation about wondering which Nana single to buy is shared by me. ><
    are you gonna by them both??

    anyway, glad to see an update from you xDD. Hope to see you around, and not 3 months later, hehehe

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