About this blog

At first, this blog was merely created out of my bad habit of creating accounts everywhere. Then I figured I could just crosspost what I put on my Xanga to here, but ever since I started doing that, I fell in love with the flexibility and strength of the WP editor. Now, I’m finding myself writing posts on WordPress and crossposting it to Xanga instead.

The main reason I have a blog is just to share news and my own opinions with people that have a common interest with me without having to add “I think” to the end of every sentence, really. Also because I like keeping records of things, so I can look at an entry from ages ago and be like “haha, that was so stupid of me!” You know, like every other blog in existence *rolls eyes* In short, it’s an outlet of random garbled junk.

I’m lazy as hell and couldn’t think of a title for the blog, so I decided to just leave it like that for now — 仮 means tentative. It was half inspired by a song on Nakajima Megumi’s debut single (as herself, not Ranka), which included the word in the title. Maybe I’ll change it when I think of something awesome (= never).

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