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Mizuki Nana Official Blog – April 6

Lyrical Wrap-up Party ☆

Thank you for all the mail during
yesterday’s Mizuki Nana’s Say You Young! (:_;)
Despite it being late into the night, everyone stuck with me until the very end!
Really, thank you very much! (≧▽≦)/

I talked about it a little on the show too…☆
Yesterday was Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st‘s wrap-up party! (^O^)/
I did the opening ceremony[1] along with Yukari-san,
and even won a Dyson vacuum cleaner[2] despite my usual bad luck with the lottery…
It was really a valuable experience (≧ω≦)/
But to win something like a vacuum cleaner…
It might be a divine message from God
telling me, “Go clean up your room!” (laugh)

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Toro Station – Kuro is the most awesome cat ever.

Q: Do any of the characters you play ever affect you? For example, do you get lovelove with Yukarin like Fate and Nanoha are?

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Sanpei Yuuko & Koshimizu Ami’s new unit “Purafini”

It’s been announced quite a while ago already (back in December?), but Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami have banded together in a unit named ±ふぃに.

I’m not quite sure how to romanize ±ふぃに. Since “pura” is supposed to be short for “plus (or minus)”, Plufini? “Fini” would be short for “infinity”. They just selfishly decided not to say out loud the minus part of “plus or minus” LOL.

Anyways, they have a YouTube channel and actually their manzai duo (Sanpei = tsukkomi, Koshimizu = boke) tactics are quite amusing (though of course this will require at least some understanding of moonspeak). I really can’t call myself a “fan” of either, but their personalities just work so well together it’s amazing.

Right now the episodes are still things like “episode 0: deciding on the name of the unit!” and “episode 1: deciding the name of the show!” but good goddd they’re hilarious.

Here’s the latest episode uploaded as of now, where they’re trying to decide on a mascot character:

Everything just kicks into motion right at the very beginning:

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[Lyrics] Mizuki Nana – Silent Bible, Polaris, UNCHAIN∞WORLD & undercover

Lately it feels like this blog is becoming really Jdrama-centered, but yeah, I haven’t forgotten about my “roots” XD.

Since #1 is completely impossible, let’s aim for Oricon #2 instead \(^o^)/! Who’s our competition this week?

KAT-TUN’S new single is pretty meh, except it will sell anyway. I hate myself for saying this but lol the b-side (THE D-MOTION) is kind of catchy despite the crap auto-tuning and ENGRISH. “i like the way ur move”? “feel the heat i busted up that burning ur body?” Christ, Akanishi sure as hell wasn’t studying when he was in LA. During the bridge, I keep hearing Kamenashi sing “I know he’s an asshole” instead of “I know it’s a miracle” LOL. Everybody else’s voices sound the same to me after the auto-tuning.

Hmm, other releases that I also kind of care about… Momusu’s releasing today too. The song is not that bad, but far from the spectacular that they need for a revival. The Utaban appearance for this song was pretty gold though with Linlin being unknowingly rude and Tsuji getting mad that Nakai thought her husband was Kamen Rider (he’s Ultraman).

supercell’s second major single was also released this week. So they’re keeping Gazelle as vocalist? Awesome, because I’m totally smitten with her clear, transparent voice.

A-ahem, that was kinda getting out of hand there. Anyways. Quick impressions of the four tracks:

Silent Bible – Mori Haruki’s first demotape would’ve been pretty impressive… if it had not been in a style so reminiscent of Agematsu. I’m part of those Nanatards that gobble up Agematsu’s songs like crazy anyway, so this song is really by no means bad, though I don’t think I’ll be looping it very often after the initial hype.

Polaris – This is like that global warming song, by which of course I mean ray of change (ULTIMATE DIAMOND). I actually liked ray of change so this is great.

UNCHAIN∞WORLD – Has an rock-like intro like Bring it on! (GREAT ACTIVITY) but turns out to be more like Tenkuu no Canaria. Agematsu the man himself. Grand orchestra sounds.

undercover – This one is also kind of like ray of change. Anything with strings arrangements is good in my book. Probably  my favourite out of the four.

Right now I lean towards Polaris and undercover. Oddly, Polaris is what kept me going at 5 AM in the morning despite it sounding like a lullaby.  There’s too much of the Agematsu EleGa songs lately. Hopefully the next single will bring more variety. I think it’s time for volume 3 of Agematsu siblings x Nana!

Remember, support people you like!

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Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka – magnet

disclaimer: not by me. original pixiv page

I don’t frequent the Vocaloid scene very often; I only know the most basic of the “famous” songs (Melt, Black Rock Shooter, Roshin Yuukai, etc). So I was on Pixiv and stumbled upon an illustration of Shiraishi/Hiyama from CB2 (above) that seemed to be a parody of Miku/Luka in the song “magnet” by, uhh…Turai/minato/Ryuusei P. They go by three different names. Turai? THAT Turai? If it’s the same person then wow, he’s very musically talented. Aaaanyways.

Nico Nico

Because of the illustration, I went to listen to the song and as with all other godly Vocaloid songs, the musical quality is extraordinarily high, much higher than many professionally composed works.

Two covers with most views on Nico are by Hitori & che:Sakurai () and clear & Dasoku (). This song is kind of erotic so I was getting all goosebumpy while listening to actual people singing it <_>. Especially Hitori & che:Sakurai’s version, which actually shocked me the first time around with their wide ranges. It makes me feel like musically retarded that I can go neither as high nor as low as them lol.

Another version worth mention is Sekihan & Pico‘s (♂). It hasn’t reached 1 million views yet, but it’s like the reverse version of Hitori & che:Sakurai’s: two guys with the ability to sing in convincing female voices. Pico’s falsetto is seeexy. I am sure the last chorus with the ending bit just killed all fujoshi within a five hundred meter radius, because even I felt something orz. These people are all beasts with their ten-octave ranges.

Covers aside, this calls for more transliterations!

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Nanoha movie premiere

水樹奈々「水樹もまだまだイケル」とノリノリ!『魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st』初日舞台挨拶

Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari frequently looked at each other and laughed, showing their close friendship, just like the characters they play. Suddenly, Tamura Yukari remarked “This movie is the story of Nanoha and Fate’s first meeting. Nanoha had always liked Fate but Fate is so cold…” in a shocking confession (?). To this Mizuki Nana apologized “That’s because I couldn’t be true to myself… sorry”. The emcee [Mishima] quickly rebuts “This work is about Nanoha and Fate’s friendship!” causing the hall to erupt in laughter at the two leads’ well-coordinated mini-skit.

please excuse my non-existent translation skills orz

You two… control yourself in public! (´Д`;)ハァハァ

And according to reports apparently Yukarin hugged Nana-san’s shoulder (?)… oh my dear god.

Misshi, I am counting on you! Please include this press conference as a DVD/blu-ray extra m(_ _)m

水樹奈々「水樹もまだまだイケル」とノリノリ!『魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st』初日舞台挨拶

[Lyrics] Mizuki Nana – PHANTOM MINDS, Don’t be long, Song Communication & Juujika no Spread

Guess what guys. We’ve all been trolled. PHANTOM MINDS was supposed to be released a year ago:

Funny how this has been up for like a week and they didn’t notice it lol. Then again didn’t they do like “21th single” somewhere else or something …? Whatever.

wtf were they thinking, white on white?

Um.. yeah. Four days before it’s out it’s been leaked already. Oh well, that shouldn’t affect sales anyway. Speaking of which, if you do like it, buy it! I want to see more overseas ani-wota buying stuff instead of those LiveJournal Johnny’s fangirls!

Don’t be long is the only song that hasn’t been sampled by the general public yet and uhh I don’t know. My impression of it is rather weak especially after having heard the other songs for a few weeks already. I really liked Yabuki Toushirou’s old stuff like POWER GATE, but this is kind of meh. I liked the intro but sadly that’s pretty much it.

To think that Silent Bible will air on Smile Gang in four days already.. time sure flies. There’s been so much news lately it almost seems like I’m following a mainstream artist XD.

Anyways,  this time I think King Records got really lazy or something. They have all these “* repeat” marks all over the place for entire choruses that repeat. I thought they wrote out all the words before, or maybe I’m just going crazy. I personally hate those notations but I’ll stick with what is officially printed.

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