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Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka – magnet

disclaimer: not by me. original pixiv page

I don’t frequent the Vocaloid scene very often; I only know the most basic of the “famous” songs (Melt, Black Rock Shooter, Roshin Yuukai, etc). So I was on Pixiv and stumbled upon an illustration of Shiraishi/Hiyama from CB2 (above) that seemed to be a parody of Miku/Luka in the song “magnet” by, uhh…Turai/minato/Ryuusei P. They go by three different names. Turai? THAT Turai? If it’s the same person then wow, he’s very musically talented. Aaaanyways.

Nico Nico

Because of the illustration, I went to listen to the song and as with all other godly Vocaloid songs, the musical quality is extraordinarily high, much higher than many professionally composed works.

Two covers with most views on Nico are by Hitori & che:Sakurai () and clear & Dasoku (). This song is kind of erotic so I was getting all goosebumpy while listening to actual people singing it <_>. Especially Hitori & che:Sakurai’s version, which actually shocked me the first time around with their wide ranges. It makes me feel like musically retarded that I can go neither as high nor as low as them lol.

Another version worth mention is Sekihan & Pico‘s (♂). It hasn’t reached 1 million views yet, but it’s like the reverse version of Hitori & che:Sakurai’s: two guys with the ability to sing in convincing female voices. Pico’s falsetto is seeexy. I am sure the last chorus with the ending bit just killed all fujoshi within a five hundred meter radius, because even I felt something orz. These people are all beasts with their ten-octave ranges.

Covers aside, this calls for more transliterations!

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Vocaloid Kagamine Rin – Roshin Yuukai

Note: I wrote this around a month ago, and never got around to posting it. Any time references no longer apply.

Nico Nico

I was wandering around randomly on Nico Nico and saw this awesome MAD of a doujin song with amazing visual effects. As the title of this post says, the song is originally “sung” by the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. Usually I don’t think much of Vocaloid original songs but this is literally the only song I’ve been listening to for the past few days. It’s really depressing seeing how doujin composers can compose such high quality work, while funded commercial companies produce subpar songs. I’m not looking at you, May’n.

In addition to Rin’s version, many other doujin singers have surfaced to challenge the complexity of the high notes in this piece of work. The two with most views are Ritsuka (♀) and Turai (♂).

After I wrote this, a new remix video, sung by Hatsune Miku, has also been made.

Nico Nico.

There’s new graphics and everything, but to be completely honest, I hate it. The beat just annoys me to hell.

But anyways.

The original song is so awesome I felt like transliterating the song so I can learn it. Yay for time-wasters.

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