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Nakajima Megumi Live Christmas Eve Event

Nakajima Megumi

Nakajima Megumi AKA Mamegu

Nakajima Megumi had a live event broadcasted on Nico Nico yesterday. I happened to somehow remember it (despite not being much of a fan) so I went and watched it anyway. It was from 2AM till 4AM my time, which was quite inconvenient ._.

Note: I recorded only half of these performances, so I don’t really remember the order of what happened, only that it happened. I’d upload what I recorded, except I don’t know anything about video compression and right now my raw recorded my file is sitting at over 900 MB. Someone else will upload it on Nico/Youtube anyway, so I’ll just wait for them. Looks like Nico’s going to be mean about this: several videos have already been deleted. I guess we’ll have to make do with my crappy audio clips and your vivid imagination.

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May’n’s “May’n☆Street” CD jacket uncovered!

Mighty cute.

Mighty cute, but how cunning! Even in the original file name it says that this was taken on November 16 ;A;

Following May’n’s blog everyday, I found out in her latest entry that the cover to her new mini-album in January, May’n☆Street (romanization corrected by said cover) has been released to the public :D.

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