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Mizuki Nana Official Blog November 22

Today was the public recording of Shinseiki Anison SP 4 (^O^)/
Every time, Anison SP just powers up to a new level☆
To complement that intensity, there are suitable costumes each time…  So,
This time I performed in the silver costume that was made for the first ever Anisama!!
It’s a costume from 5 years ago, but it still fits just right~ (lol)
Thank goodness (>_<)

I collaborated with May’n-chan for the first time too♪
We sang “ETERNAL BLAZE” and “Diamond Crevasse”~(≧ω≦)/
I was super super nervous, but it was really fun! o(^-^)o
All of you have to watch the broadcasting☆☆☆

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Mizuki Nana Official Blog – June 7 / Anison SP 3

It was really heated!

Today was MUSIC JAPAN Shinseiki Anison Special 3‘s public recording! (^o^)/
Somehow, this time! Right from the opening,
I collaborated with my beloved Nanoha (lol), a.k.a. Tamura Yukari-hime♪♪♪
We sung Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha‘s OP & ED
as a medley (≧▽≦)/
And then ♪ In my solo corner,
[I sung] “Koi no Yokushiryoku -type EXCITER-” and “Don’t be long” o(^-^)o
The costume this time ☆
Actually it’s an original one just for the Anison special~ (≧ω≦)/
Everyone ☆
Please watch this when it airs ☆☆☆

p.s Everyone who came to watch & support me ☆
Everyone who jumped with me in the assembly hall ☆
Thank you very much (*^-^*)

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Anisama 2009 RE:BRIDGE yukanana yuri

WHAR HAVE MY ANIME/SEIYUU POSTS GONE FOR THE LAST TWO-THREE MONTHS!? I need to balance out that type of 2.5D yuri with the this type of 2.5D yuri (what)

I haven’t actually watched anything besides part 3 and the making of for August 23  yet (´・ω・`). Initial thoughts are like

  • Gakkun is so cool!
  • … god dammit, this means Yukarin is the last person on part 2 doesn’t it
  • motsu + Nana-sama \(^o^)/
  • oh my god motsu standing next to nana makes her dancing look  more uncool than usual
  • as usual Suara is on the stage in everyday clothing
  • god Nana forgetting the 300 level thing again
  • … lol zero interaction between Hirano and Yukarin

Anyways, since last year’s Anisama had that crazy yuri part with Nana giving Yukarin a paper heart (!!!!), I scanned through this year’s in an attempt to find any yukanana bits.

I think I’m supposed to put some kind of 2.5D yuri warning here. Um, yeah, if you can’t stand that, don’t come in!

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Shinseiki Anison SP 2 preview

There’s like two seconds of PHANTOM MINDS. I’m quite surprised it’s not composed by Elements Garden.

In other news, I am not gonna update all that info on PHANTOM MINDS anymore because A FREAKING 22TH SINGLE (Silent Bible) HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Includes the opening for the Nanoha PSP game. On top of that, IT HAS FOUR TRACKS. AGAIN. Gosh Nana-san is really on a roll. Not that I mind, but my wallet is starting to feel the effects.

oh and also because i have no time. yeah. look at these contentless posts lately (and my lack of care for capitalization in this sentence).

Jin Nakamura’s ballads are quite awsm. Too bad the better singer sells for less than 10k copies, while the one with 80% of Japan’s teenage girls swooning over him will sell anywhere from 100k to 600k. Sigh.

My last 2 weeks in the form of a tag cloud:

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PS. Holy hell, Code Blue season 2 green lit. I have to sit through hours of Yamapi’s stupid bored face again.

Mizuki Nana – Mugen PV

Edit: King Records is removing videos at light speed. I’ve found another link, but if it disappears again I won’t bother to replace it.

what is this i don’t even

Uh.. wow. Didn’t see something like this coming. Well, not really, since Mugen is kind of different from the usual songs already. This PV half freaks me out after starting to follow the ARG Marble Hornets for a couple of days… Not sure if I can say I like it right now, but ohgod those twins are scary. I’ll have to watch it a few more times later on in the week.

But I want to sleep on Nana’s lap too *runs*

Uwaaaaaaa Agematsu is handsome!!



So I was stalking Elements Garden’s blog again.

WHOA, I didn’t know that Agematsu Noriyasu is pretty good looking!

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen his photo though. The first time was on someone’s blog entry that talked about LIVE DIAMOND, and there was a group photo with the text saying that Agematsu was in it. But there was like was three other guys and I didn’t know who they were either; I only mentally noted that they were all pretty decent-looking. So yeah, that didn’t really count…  I can’t remember whose blog it was though (because like 400 seiyuu/people in the industry blogged about going to LIVE DIAMOND).

For some reason I was under the impression that songwriters are usually older, and that he’s at least a middle-aged guy, but as it turns out he’s only 31 (younger than Yukarin!!!). Cool to know that someone that age can have a great sense for music and compose such awesome songs.

There’s no information on the rest of the members’ ages; I’m burning with curiosity now  (´・ω・`)

PS. Key’s Maeda Jun is hotter in a badass ikemen way though.

(I think this is the first time I’ve ever spent an entire entry talking about a guy)