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Mizuki Nana Official Blog November 22

Today was the public recording of Shinseiki Anison SP 4 (^O^)/
Every time, Anison SP just powers up to a new level☆
To complement that intensity, there are suitable costumes each time…  So,
This time I performed in the silver costume that was made for the first ever Anisama!!
It’s a costume from 5 years ago, but it still fits just right~ (lol)
Thank goodness (>_<)

I collaborated with May’n-chan for the first time too♪
We sang “ETERNAL BLAZE” and “Diamond Crevasse”~(≧ω≦)/
I was super super nervous, but it was really fun! o(^-^)o
All of you have to watch the broadcasting☆☆☆

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Shinseiki Anison SP 2 preview

There’s like two seconds of PHANTOM MINDS. I’m quite surprised it’s not composed by Elements Garden.

In other news, I am not gonna update all that info on PHANTOM MINDS anymore because A FREAKING 22TH SINGLE (Silent Bible) HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Includes the opening for the Nanoha PSP game. On top of that, IT HAS FOUR TRACKS. AGAIN. Gosh Nana-san is really on a roll. Not that I mind, but my wallet is starting to feel the effects.

oh and also because i have no time. yeah. look at these contentless posts lately (and my lack of care for capitalization in this sentence).

May’n’s “May’n☆Street” CD jacket uncovered!

Mighty cute.

Mighty cute, but how cunning! Even in the original file name it says that this was taken on November 16 ;A;

Following May’n’s blog everyday, I found out in her latest entry that the cover to her new mini-album in January, May’n☆Street (romanization corrected by said cover) has been released to the public :D.

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May’n @ AFA08

from May'n's blog

from May'n's blog

As most should already know, AFA08 (Anime Festival Asia 2008) is being held in Singapore for the last couple of days, and many prolific guests were invited. Among them is May’n, a relatively unknown singer until her breakthrough role as Sheryl Nome’s singing voice in Macross Frontier. Anyways, I’ve been really into May’n these couple of days after watching Macross F, so I started to follow her blog. What really surprised me was her latest blog entry, because her English is actually half-decent! Here’s an excerpt from the entry:

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