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Anisama 2009 RE:BRIDGE yukanana yuri

WHAR HAVE MY ANIME/SEIYUU POSTS GONE FOR THE LAST TWO-THREE MONTHS!? I need to balance out that type of 2.5D yuri with the this type of 2.5D yuri (what)

I haven’t actually watched anything besides part 3 and the making of for August 23  yet (´・ω・`). Initial thoughts are like

  • Gakkun is so cool!
  • … god dammit, this means Yukarin is the last person on part 2 doesn’t it
  • motsu + Nana-sama \(^o^)/
  • oh my god motsu standing next to nana makes her dancing look  more uncool than usual
  • as usual Suara is on the stage in everyday clothing
  • god Nana forgetting the 300 level thing again
  • … lol zero interaction between Hirano and Yukarin

Anyways, since last year’s Anisama had that crazy yuri part with Nana giving Yukarin a paper heart (!!!!), I scanned through this year’s in an attempt to find any yukanana bits.

I think I’m supposed to put some kind of 2.5D yuri warning here. Um, yeah, if you can’t stand that, don’t come in!

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Suara got married

Suara reported on her blog today, September 19, that she got married!

The lucky guy is Elements Garden’s Fujita Junpei. He also reported the same thing on Elements Garden’s official blog.

Apparently the two met back in 2007 during the production for one of Suara’s songs, Tsubomi -blue dreams-.

Kind of strange how all these people are becoming interlinked, with Agematsu Mika (younger sister of EleGa leader Agematsu Noriyasu) marrying to EleGa’s Fujima Hitoshi a while back also.

Anyways, congratulations to them both!

PS. I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately since workload from school has been at an all time high lately m(_ _)m