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Code Blue 2nd season – final thoughts

Somehow this ended up taking almost week even though they’re basically 5-minute thoughts ^^; This is no in-depth analysis, so don’t look for that here. Just my usual senseless ramblings.

Dun dun dun let’s get this thing started!

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Code Blue 2nd season – 11 (finale)


This took quite a while because I really didn’t want to just hurry it up and get it over with — it’s actually double the length of my regular CB2 posts. Quite problematic to finish as well, since I had a bad case of selective amnesia and kept forgetting what happened despite intense staring at the screenshots. There’s a staggering 144 screencaps which is something like double last week’s amount… It doesn’t look like that much after various (MANUAL) resizes, but yeah, there’s actually 144 in here. I am never going through this again D:

Oh and I was distracted by the World Figure Skating Championships too. Mao-chaan (゚∀゚)ノ

… Uh yeah. I’m sure we’ve had enough of my excuses now.

Those procrastinators in the CB production team are worse than me though. Apparently, the final bits of filming for this episode (Shiraishi’s parts) finished ONE DAY before the airing. That would be the 21st. Holy. Crap. I’ve been one-upped :\

It’s the last time we’re gonna be able be able to do this, so I should probably stop stalling and get this thing started!

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Code Blue 2nd season – 09

WOOT! Record time finish. Changed the blog theme while I was at it too since it’s been so long, though I do miss how the previous theme was so spacious. Maybe when I tire of this one I’ll go back that one, lol.

Today’s episode title is “The Heart’s Wounds”, so exercise caution with your lacrimal glands before proceeding.

By which I mean “get a tissue box ready” :|

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Code Blue 2nd season – 08

Whew, been so busy that I didn’t get to watch the episode until today. I predict a lot of strange and repetitive wording in this post cuz I’m sleep deprived + writing this in a semi-rush (before Monday rolls around again rofl).

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Code Blue 2nd season – 07

Holy crap… I would’ve finished this at least a day earlier if I didn’t go nuts with the screencapping. Essentially a pic-spam post; I kinda went all out. Is this what they call the power of love!? Hahaha.

I don’t have any good topics for digression today, oh, except for women’s figure skating. Fantastic performances, but I wanted to see more of Asada Mao’s crazy-cute smile! … OKOK, maybe I should stop here.

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Code Blue 2nd season – 06

Jesus it’s been a terrible week for me, slept for about three to four hours each day. The only thing that saved me from my misery was the mens’ figure skating (which btw was excellent) and of course, Code Blue. As the theme song says, let’s get this thing started.

This episode actually marked a first for me. I watched this live just because I happened to be up at that time (4 AM PST). Crappy quality but watching it live is a bit different.

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Code Blue 2nd season – 05

A bit later than usual; it’s been a hectic week and I spent Friday night watching the Olympics opening ceremony instead. By the time I got to work on this I was literally microsleeping every three minutes in front of the computer orz. Please excuse any errors m( _ _)m

Random things to divert your attention away from the actual episode:

1. I was reading an interview in TV Guide, and according to the poll they took, this is the rough fan age group/gender distribution:

Age group
10’s – 10%
20’s – 22%
30’s – 40%
40’s – 20%
50’s – 8%
Male – 13%
Female – 87%

For some reason the show is extra popular among women in their thirties… do the patients’ situations resonate with what happens in their own families or something? Hmm, maybe part of the charm point is actually the fact that all these popular young actors and actresses have gathered in a drama without a love storyline. It just goes to show that you don’t need love in a drama for it to be successful (but of course crazy fans such as myself will start making up stuff in their brains anyway XD).

It shocks me a bit that I’m in the minority for the age groups though… No, I’m not in my 50’s.

2. I want to direct Shiraishi/Hiyama fans to this awesome fan-made video on YouTube. Translating the lyrics is a bit of a big project, but I assure you that the lyrics to this bubbly love song completely fit with the scenes. They’re like an old bickering couple ♥♥

Anyways, that’s enough digression for one post.

Episode 5 in a nutshell: On a scale measuring sadism where 1 is the least sadistic and 10 is the most, this episode ranks somewhere around 15.

It’s a good thing I’m slightly M (what)

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