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Status: MIA?


So it’s been A REALLY LONG TIME since I’ve updated. It’s not like I’m super busy, but I guess I’ve had a writer’s block for a while. My license to disappear was on my sidebar the entire time, so this is perfectly legal ಠ_ಠ. Stuff I’ve been up to in the last two or three months:

  • Vacation in HK for a month!
  • Tumblr-ing. Damn that crap is addicting. I feel like a15 year old girl when I tumblr.
  • Team Fortress 2. God I suck so much but this is addicting. For whoever’s living under a rock, this game is free on Steam now!
  • Looking for a job/enrolling in school etcetc.

Yeah. Not much, honestly. Been trying to get back into the anime/seiyuu loop these past few days. Yesterday I was at a DDRX machine and they had Trickster in their playlist, which made me happy as hell even though it’s from like 3 years ago… LOL. It’s not everyday when you get to see/hear Nana-san in your every day life!

In other news… WHY ARE YOU TWO SEW CUTE?

(warning: seiyuu 2.5d yuri)

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Jin Nakamura’s ballads are quite awsm. Too bad the better singer sells for less than 10k copies, while the one with 80% of Japan’s teenage girls swooning over him will sell anywhere from 100k to 600k. Sigh.

My last 2 weeks in the form of a tag cloud:

homework tests quizzes calc sleep-at-4AM chem grad photos dying no-time cranky suicidal term-end test-rush calc homework math calc calc calc calc sleepy die post-secondary-applications procrastination marblehornets-induced-fear-of-mannequins paranoia OCD sleep dying calc

PS. Holy hell, Code Blue season 2 green lit. I have to sit through hours of Yamapi’s stupid bored face again.



Something outrageous just happened, and I feel like I should at least post something to keep this blog going.You can all thank that person. I’d like to thank him/her for supporting artists s/he likes, unlike 80% of the Internet population as well.

I got this in the mail around three weeks ago, which was during my exams (which btw was like the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life so far, six-hour examining owns) so I never got the chance to say anything about it. Time to plow through my impressions of it —

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PHOTO POSTS! Yaaaaaaay.

Excuse my non-existent photography skills ._. these were all taken behind a window. It’s too cold to stand outside.

Around five days ago:


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