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Mysterious popular seiyuu newly wed?

2ch thread

Anime producer Murakami Koichi (村上恒一) has announced his recent marriage to a mysterious big-name seiyuu on his blog a week prior.

The blog post very clearly indicates that she is someone who currently has selling power (i.e. an idol seiyuu), which is why he is unable to announce her name.

Fingers are being pointed at the big three immediately: Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana, and Tamura Yukari. Others include Tanaka Rie, Noto Mamiko, though they are not really necessarily on the idol side. Murakami seems to be closely related to the ero-anime industry so it might very well be an ero-anime/eroge seiyuu as well.

Yeah… I hope it’s either that or Hirano. If it’s Hirano, she can retire or something, and we can all be happy <_<

I thought I liked the aforementioned seiyuu enough to be able to congratulate properly them if they got married, but it seems like there is a bad “what? my goddess can’t be getting married!” feeling brewing inside after all. And I can tell it’s totally this guy that’s pissing me off, not the marriage itself. One commenter sums it up pretty well:

If you’re going to announce it, announce it
If you’re not going to, then don’t
What’s this “I married someone amazing w… are you bothered? Are you bothered?
… But I’m not going to tell you who it is wwwww” annoying feeling?

Christ, I hope it’s Hirano.

Shinseiki Anison SP 2 preview

There’s like two seconds of PHANTOM MINDS. I’m quite surprised it’s not composed by Elements Garden.

In other news, I am not gonna update all that info on PHANTOM MINDS anymore because A FREAKING 22TH SINGLE (Silent Bible) HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Includes the opening for the Nanoha PSP game. On top of that, IT HAS FOUR TRACKS. AGAIN. Gosh Nana-san is really on a roll. Not that I mind, but my wallet is starting to feel the effects.

oh and also because i have no time. yeah. look at these contentless posts lately (and my lack of care for capitalization in this sentence).

Kämpfer – 04

If only every episode could be like this.

Last week skipped because there was no seiyuu neta computer problems that I’ve mentioned previously. It wasn’t all that important or amusing anyway.

This episode was basically testing how far they can go with the (pseudo) yuri stuffs… I think pictures is enough to show what’s happening most of the time already. Oh, and chara song advertisements too. HOLY CRAP PLEASE GIVE ME BUNNY x CAT CHARACTER SONG. I’ll buy it no matter how crappy it is.

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Kämpfer – 02

Kanden Yamaneko KITA──────ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ──────

I don’t know why but I feel a lot better about this second episode. This anime is actually pretty freaking hilarious. I’m guessing it’s because the only one thing I really didn’t like about the first episode was the lack of continuity in the very beginning. I take back everything I said about not seriously looking forward to this every week now (´∀`*)

Being both a seiyuu and anime fan, sometimes it’s hard to separate a character from the voice. This anime just happens to make it twenty times harder. The Akane == Hocchan parallel has already hardwired itself into my brain. Ohgodohgod Akane is such a dirty little girl I swear I’m gonna bust a gut watching her.

Basically the anime has already caught up to where I stopped reading (chapter 10), which is pretty damn fast. Lots of stuff were changed or skipped though. It would’ve been nice if they kept the whole “Natsuru’s voice doesn’t change” thing.

And Nana-sama appeared! Obviously they didn’t let this chance go to waste. They used the same technique as last time (explicitly stating names). Even though Kanden Yamaneko only had like… two lines or something, it was a pretty awsm moment.

Oh, yeah… DO THE AHO AHO DANCE  └(・ω・)┐

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Kämpfer – 01

Episode 1 of Magicial Boy Lyrical Erio Kämpfer!

A normal highschool boy, Senou Natsuru, is one day told that he has been chosen to be a Kämpfer (fighter in German), so from that point on he goes and fights enemy Kämpfers.

That’s it. What a typical shounen series plot. I don’t really care how overdone a plot is though as long as it is done well, but that’s something I can’t say at this point…

I’ve read the first 10 chapters of the manga adaptation, and this anime is suffering that same problem, which makes me come to the logical conclusion that the novel has done the same damn thing. The beginning just feels so disconcerted; we aren’t given any explanation to why/how Natsuru has been chosen as an Kämpfer, just that “you are now a Kämpfer, now fight!” I mean, the introduction is in Natsuru’s freaking bedroom and then the tiger plushie (with dangling intestines) just starts speaking. WTF?

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Kämpfer receives anime adaption with all-star seiyuu cast



I don’t know anything about this light novel. I’ve never even heard of it. (I don’t know how to pronounce it either, does some German (?) pro want to tell me lol) But as I was strolling by 2ch’s yukanana (Tamura Yukari x Mizuki Nana) thread today, I found this interesting piece of news.

Apparently this is about some dude who finds himself turned into a girl one day (Kashimashi!?) and gets involved in many battles and stuff. Yeah okay, I don’t really get it either. Skipping to the amazing seiyuu cast:

Mishima Akane (C.V. Horie Yui)
Seppuku Kurousagi (C.V. Tamura Yukari)
Kanden Yamaneko (C.V. Mizuki Nana)

W-W-WHAT IS THIS COMPLETELY UTTERLY DREAM-LIKE CAST!?  I didn’t even cut down on mentioning the other seiyuu; these are the only three mentioned in the site above lol, and it doesn’t even include the main character… found it kind of weird that both Yukarin and Hocchan are in this just like Kashimashi. It seems like Hocchan is the only human though, just from looking at the names lawl.

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