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Kämpfer – 04

If only every episode could be like this.

Last week skipped because there was no seiyuu neta computer problems that I’ve mentioned previously. It wasn’t all that important or amusing anyway.

This episode was basically testing how far they can go with the (pseudo) yuri stuffs… I think pictures is enough to show what’s happening most of the time already. Oh, and chara song advertisements too. HOLY CRAP PLEASE GIVE ME BUNNY x CAT CHARACTER SONG. I’ll buy it no matter how crappy it is.

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Nakajima Megumi Live Christmas Eve Event

Nakajima Megumi

Nakajima Megumi AKA Mamegu

Nakajima Megumi had a live event broadcasted on Nico Nico yesterday. I happened to somehow remember it (despite not being much of a fan) so I went and watched it anyway. It was from 2AM till 4AM my time, which was quite inconvenient ._.

Note: I recorded only half of these performances, so I don’t really remember the order of what happened, only that it happened. I’d upload what I recorded, except I don’t know anything about video compression and right now my raw recorded my file is sitting at over 900 MB. Someone else will upload it on Nico/Youtube anyway, so I’ll just wait for them. Looks like Nico’s going to be mean about this: several videos have already been deleted. I guess we’ll have to make do with my crappy audio clips and your vivid imagination.

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