Tomatsu Haruka’s motto☆Hade ni ne!

Too bad this doesn't showcase her legs

Too bad this doesn't showcase her legs properly

I must be the only person on earth who isn’t watching Kannagi right now, though it’s been causing a huge amount of attention especially with the “NAGI-SAMA ISN’T A VIRGIN!?!?!” crap that went on a few weeks ago.

The only thing I know about this anime is that the opening song by Tomatsu Haruka (the seiyuu of Nagi), “motto☆Hade ni ne!” was pretty well-received by anime otaku. Usually I would check out something like that, but I didn’t bother, until yesterday night. So I watched the PV.

First thought as Tomatsu Haruka opens her mouth: WTF!?

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Miyano Mamoru is MARRIED!

Miyano Mamoru feat. His Chin

Miyano Mamoru feat. His Chin

Miyano Mamoru, a seiyuu who shot to stardom from his roles in Death Note and Gundam 00 as Light and Setsuna respectively, has just announced on his blog today that he is MARRIED.


But you know what’s even more shocking?

His wife is PREGNANT.

A fifteen-minute video from Nico Nico of this announcement is under the cut.

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Mizuki Nana assorted news

This has nothing to do with the post, but holy hell is that cute or what.

This is completely unrelated to this post :D

1. The covers of the LIVE FIGHTER discs have been released ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

2. Details for 19th single, “Shin Ai” (深愛 Deep Love).

3. ???

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Yaguchi Mari appears ‘naked’ on own blog

… Well, by “naked”, I meant “without make-up”.

I saw this on Niwango news yesterday, and thought it was kind of interesting. Yaguchi Mari, like many other Hello! Project idols, has suddenly acquired a new blog. She seems to be very excited about it and posts several times a day. Right now, her blog is actually the second most popular Ameba celebrity blog. Anyways, what actually caused this bit of a buzz was a picture she posted on November 22, which didn’t quite look like her normal self. In a later post that day, she revealed that she had not put make-up on and also added a picture of herself with make-up applied. Here are the two pictures in question:

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May’n @ AFA08

from May'n's blog

from May'n's blog

As most should already know, AFA08 (Anime Festival Asia 2008) is being held in Singapore for the last couple of days, and many prolific guests were invited. Among them is May’n, a relatively unknown singer until her breakthrough role as Sheryl Nome’s singing voice in Macross Frontier. Anyways, I’ve been really into May’n these couple of days after watching Macross F, so I started to follow her blog. What really surprised me was her latest blog entry, because her English is actually half-decent! Here’s an excerpt from the entry:

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First post

I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with this blog right now. I have a Xanga, so maybe for now I’ll just crosspost here or something.