Michishige Sayumi Official Blog – April 2

Don’t like Sayu or even care about H!P anymore, but I’m subscribed to her on Google Reader. Among the 500 entries she writes everyday, this happened to catch my eye.

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Anisama 09 yukanana cont. + random news

Super Pro YukaNana fans found it!

The legendary scene where they were holding their hands — !

This is from a cropped but not resized 1920 x 1080 screencap, so it’s pretty much as big as it gets orz. I downloaded some crappy 480p rip so there’s not even any point in making a gif here… I’m very thankful that we can at least see a glimpse of this on video though XD

Anyways. What’s new? I’ve been kind of out of the loop.

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Code Blue 2nd season – 11 (finale)


This took quite a while because I really didn’t want to just hurry it up and get it over with — it’s actually double the length of my regular CB2 posts. Quite problematic to finish as well, since I had a bad case of selective amnesia and kept forgetting what happened despite intense staring at the screenshots. There’s a staggering 144 screencaps which is something like double last week’s amount… It doesn’t look like that much after various (MANUAL) resizes, but yeah, there’s actually 144 in here. I am never going through this again D:

Oh and I was distracted by the World Figure Skating Championships too. Mao-chaan (゚∀゚)ノ

… Uh yeah. I’m sure we’ve had enough of my excuses now.

Those procrastinators in the CB production team are worse than me though. Apparently, the final bits of filming for this episode (Shiraishi’s parts) finished ONE DAY before the airing. That would be the 21st. Holy. Crap. I’ve been one-upped :\

It’s the last time we’re gonna be able be able to do this, so I should probably stop stalling and get this thing started!

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Utaban put on indefinite hiatus

★ 『うたばん』休止、後継番組も石橋&中居

During the three-hour special of Utaban, entitled Tokuban, it was announced that Utaban would be put on indefinite hiatus and a new show called The Music Hour would be taking its place starting in April. The hosts will still be Ishibashi Takaaki and Nakai Masahiro.

This is pretty shocking news as the show had been running for over 13 years. I practically grew up to Utaban while following the Jpop scene; it’s one of the few shows I don’t mind watching no matter which artist is on. From Morning Musume’s ex-member Iida Kaori being nicknamed “Johnson” to Ohno Satoshi of Arashi fighting with Nakai every time they’re on, Utaban was truly an unforgettable show.

Hopefully the new show won’t lose Utaban‘s old charm.

now how many people thought this was going to be a CB post www

Code Blue 2nd season – 10

What happens when my spring break ends? Everything lags behind schedule just like before zzzz. Didn’t watch this episode until Friday again (although I actually blame the new Pokemon games for this LOL).

This procrastination might be a subconscious desire to keep CB2 with me for as long as possible >_<. I get scared thinking that countdown to the end has already started :(

Anyways. The preview last time mentioned that it will be an “unprecedented disaster”; what kind of an incident will we have? Season 1 finale had a tunnel crash (something like that), the special had a train crash, so what can be worse than that!?

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Ganbatta Awards – Code Blue 2 & LIAR GAME 2

Erika-tan is too・cute (´Д`;)

filler post alert

Code Blue 2 NG scenes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Anisama 2009 RE:BRIDGE yukanana yuri

WHAR HAVE MY ANIME/SEIYUU POSTS GONE FOR THE LAST TWO-THREE MONTHS!? I need to balance out that type of 2.5D yuri with the this type of 2.5D yuri (what)

I haven’t actually watched anything besides part 3 and the making of for August 23  yet (´・ω・`). Initial thoughts are like

  • Gakkun is so cool!
  • … god dammit, this means Yukarin is the last person on part 2 doesn’t it
  • motsu + Nana-sama \(^o^)/
  • oh my god motsu standing next to nana makes her dancing look  more uncool than usual
  • as usual Suara is on the stage in everyday clothing
  • god Nana forgetting the 300 level thing again
  • … lol zero interaction between Hirano and Yukarin

Anyways, since last year’s Anisama had that crazy yuri part with Nana giving Yukarin a paper heart (!!!!), I scanned through this year’s in an attempt to find any yukanana bits.

I think I’m supposed to put some kind of 2.5D yuri warning here. Um, yeah, if you can’t stand that, don’t come in!

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