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Ganbatta Awards – Code Blue 2 & LIAR GAME 2

Erika-tan is too・cute (´Д`;)

filler post alert

Code Blue 2 NG scenes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Anisama 2009 RE:BRIDGE yukanana yuri

WHAR HAVE MY ANIME/SEIYUU POSTS GONE FOR THE LAST TWO-THREE MONTHS!? I need to balance out that type of 2.5D yuri with the this type of 2.5D yuri (what)

I haven’t actually watched anything besides part 3 and the making of for August 23  yet (´・ω・`). Initial thoughts are like

  • Gakkun is so cool!
  • … god dammit, this means Yukarin is the last person on part 2 doesn’t it
  • motsu + Nana-sama \(^o^)/
  • oh my god motsu standing next to nana makes her dancing look  more uncool than usual
  • as usual Suara is on the stage in everyday clothing
  • god Nana forgetting the 300 level thing again
  • … lol zero interaction between Hirano and Yukarin

Anyways, since last year’s Anisama had that crazy yuri part with Nana giving Yukarin a paper heart (!!!!), I scanned through this year’s in an attempt to find any yukanana bits.

I think I’m supposed to put some kind of 2.5D yuri warning here. Um, yeah, if you can’t stand that, don’t come in!

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Code Blue 2nd season – 04

A new month, a new episode, the same reason to live for \(^o^)/  駄目人間

But holy crap, lemme get this outta the way first—


Not very often that I have to say this about fictional characters, but omfg Shiraishi and Hiyama srsly need to practice self-control. I try to keep parts before the cut spoiler-free but what the hell wrong’s with this episode? COMPLETELY YURI. 100%. Holy crap. Even the semi-active CB2 yuri thread on 2ch is burning with moe. Pixiv has three new pieces of Shiraishi x Hiyama art within the first day of broadcast. Absolutely everybody (who is interested in SxH) is going insane. I stopped hyperventilating in the last two weeks but I just involuntarily started again orz. I don’t even know how many times I looped this episode already.

Reactions on Chinese forums are hilarious as well. Actual thread title: “Is it just me or do Hiyama and Shiraishi feel like an item?” lolol. Even Aizawa x Shiraishi fans feel the pressure. We aren’t delusional \(^o^)/

In other semi-related news, since I’ve started blogging about CB2 weekly more people have been coming here for this drama. It’s actually kind of interesting to see what kind of terms people plug in search engines… a large amount came looking for Aizawa x Shiraishi; there’s about five for every Shiraishi x Hiyama. That’s totally fine with me. As long as I know that this minority in the English fandom at least exists, I can live on orz.

Oh and to the three people that came by searching for “let’s get this thing started”: you guys are totally awesome.

Episode 4 in a nutshell: sorry but I really can’t think properly SHIRAISHI X HIYAMA \(^o^)/

I seriously need to learn to pick out the good screencaps. You can totally tell that I’m one of those people that copies every single word from the teacher’s notes instead of picking out the important points.

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Code Blue 2nd season – 02

(Completely unrelated but I don’t want to make a separate post with one sentence for it: Happy 17th birthday, Nana-san! SILENT BIBLE PV GO GO GO)

FINALLY. Holy hell, the past week felt like an eternity. I couldn’t concentrate on school at all lol. Need to control myself. I’m slipping into the 3D trap again \(^o^)/ Why are Toda and Gakki so cute \(^o^)/ Why does Yamapi’s hair look worse and worse \(^o^)/

While I was waiting, I downloaded the OST for the first season, and SERIOUSLY does nobody know English or something? That song that has the “let’s get this thing started” line actually has other words too, like “I wanna give you all my love” and “work it out, check that body” WTF LOL. Christ they need to get a QCer.

Back to the actual show, the show whose main male lead is… who? Last time I checked it was Aizawa, but after watching this episode and seeing Shiraishi’s manliness (!?) I’m not so sure anymore XD. She needs to take off that damn jacket indoors. It’s making her look too cool.  Uhh yeah anyways. This episode is pretty much Shiraishi-centric with a little bit of Fujikawa sprinkled on top.

Episode 2 in a nutshell: do-M fest for viewers (ノД`)・゜・。

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Code Blue 2 START!

“The existence of doctors confirm that miracles do not exist, yet the doctors themselves always hope for miracles for their patients.”

I am one day short of not posting about Jdramas for a year! GASP. That timing is actually kind of eerie… but as usual I digress.

Quick cast intro:

Yamashita Tomohisa as Aizawa Kousaku
Aragaki Yui as Shiraishi Megumi
Toda Erika as Hiyama Mihoko
Asari Yousuke as Fujikawa Kazuo
Higa Manami as Saejima Haruka

I’m going to have to have to ignore the scary glares from Yamapi/Gakki fans: this is a yuri drama \(^o^)/

The odd thing is that despite my claims about the yuri content this drama has almost next to zero romantic subplots, which is actually fine since it’s a medical drama. It just creates more room for crazed fans to fantasize in <_>. There’s Saejima’s boyfriend, but she doesn’t really count since she’s not a “fellow” (doctor-in-training).

This is not going to be a complete summary of the episode, because I really don’t want to be watching the raw, pausing after every other line and going to look up something insane like what 筋萎縮性側索硬化症 kin’ishukusei sokusakukoukashou (ALS, in short muscle atrophy) means. Most likely this will just be parts that I remembered the most (aka yuri stuffs lulz). Read at your own discretion. I don’t need Aizawa/Shiraishi fans going “ONFG WTF IS WRONG WIT U” on me.

Warnings & disclaimers:

  • One of my more image heavy posts. Kind of went crazy with the capping. I’m reflecting on my actions now :|
  • Since this is the second season, obviously there are spoilers for the first season and the special
  • Screw the medical jargon in this. Tried to look it up but the vast majority of it is pretty insane. I attempted short explanations of what stuff are but it comes from skimming the Wikipedia article, so don’t sue me if I make a mistake.

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Kämpfer receives anime adaption with all-star seiyuu cast



I don’t know anything about this light novel. I’ve never even heard of it. (I don’t know how to pronounce it either, does some German (?) pro want to tell me lol) But as I was strolling by 2ch’s yukanana (Tamura Yukari x Mizuki Nana) thread today, I found this interesting piece of news.

Apparently this is about some dude who finds himself turned into a girl one day (Kashimashi!?) and gets involved in many battles and stuff. Yeah okay, I don’t really get it either. Skipping to the amazing seiyuu cast:

Mishima Akane (C.V. Horie Yui)
Seppuku Kurousagi (C.V. Tamura Yukari)
Kanden Yamaneko (C.V. Mizuki Nana)

W-W-WHAT IS THIS COMPLETELY UTTERLY DREAM-LIKE CAST!?  I didn’t even cut down on mentioning the other seiyuu; these are the only three mentioned in the site above lol, and it doesn’t even include the main character… found it kind of weird that both Yukarin and Hocchan are in this just like Kashimashi. It seems like Hocchan is the only human though, just from looking at the names lawl.

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