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Ganbatta Awards – Code Blue 2 & LIAR GAME 2

Erika-tan is too・cute (´Д`;)

filler post alert

Code Blue 2 NG scenes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Sanpei Yuuko & Koshimizu Ami’s new unit “Purafini”

It’s been announced quite a while ago already (back in December?), but Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami have banded together in a unit named ±ふぃに.

I’m not quite sure how to romanize ±ふぃに. Since “pura” is supposed to be short for “plus (or minus)”, Plufini? “Fini” would be short for “infinity”. They just selfishly decided not to say out loud the minus part of “plus or minus” LOL.

Anyways, they have a YouTube channel and actually their manzai duo (Sanpei = tsukkomi, Koshimizu = boke) tactics are quite amusing (though of course this will require at least some understanding of moonspeak). I really can’t call myself a “fan” of either, but their personalities just work so well together it’s amazing.

Right now the episodes are still things like “episode 0: deciding on the name of the unit!” and “episode 1: deciding the name of the show!” but good goddd they’re hilarious.

Here’s the latest episode uploaded as of now, where they’re trying to decide on a mascot character:

Everything just kicks into motion right at the very beginning:

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Kämpfer – 04

If only every episode could be like this.

Last week skipped because there was no seiyuu neta computer problems that I’ve mentioned previously. It wasn’t all that important or amusing anyway.

This episode was basically testing how far they can go with the (pseudo) yuri stuffs… I think pictures is enough to show what’s happening most of the time already. Oh, and chara song advertisements too. HOLY CRAP PLEASE GIVE ME BUNNY x CAT CHARACTER SONG. I’ll buy it no matter how crappy it is.

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Radio Strikers episode 2

It was uploaded on time this time around, but my motherboard fried a couple of days ago and it’s been hectic trying to recover my previous files + homework m(_ _)m

wow they have a semi-decent looking header image this time!

wow they have a semi-decent looking header image this time!

Abstract: hyperactive three-year-old + sexy dynamite older sister (!?!?!)

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Kämpfer – 02

Kanden Yamaneko KITA──────ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ──────

I don’t know why but I feel a lot better about this second episode. This anime is actually pretty freaking hilarious. I’m guessing it’s because the only one thing I really didn’t like about the first episode was the lack of continuity in the very beginning. I take back everything I said about not seriously looking forward to this every week now (´∀`*)

Being both a seiyuu and anime fan, sometimes it’s hard to separate a character from the voice. This anime just happens to make it twenty times harder. The Akane == Hocchan parallel has already hardwired itself into my brain. Ohgodohgod Akane is such a dirty little girl I swear I’m gonna bust a gut watching her.

Basically the anime has already caught up to where I stopped reading (chapter 10), which is pretty damn fast. Lots of stuff were changed or skipped though. It would’ve been nice if they kept the whole “Natsuru’s voice doesn’t change” thing.

And Nana-sama appeared! Obviously they didn’t let this chance go to waste. They used the same technique as last time (explicitly stating names). Even though Kanden Yamaneko only had like… two lines or something, it was a pretty awsm moment.

Oh, yeah… DO THE AHO AHO DANCE  └(・ω・)┐

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Kara no Kyoukai 6 – Oblivion Recorder


Hey, it’s cool that you guys are trying to create some mystery for the last chapter,

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Ga-Rei -Zero-: Priestesses in Disguise!?


kizuna no naka ♪

First of all, happy belated New Year to everyone! :D

So a few days ago, I got around to watching Ga-Rei -Zero- after seeing it appear in basically every anime blog I visit. It was too bad that I had seen enough spoilers to know what basically happens to “the gang”  in episode one, but it definitely made the list of my favourites from 2008.

But anyways… am I the only one that thought “KANNAZUKI NO MIKO!?” when I watched the last episode?

[Ending spoilers for both series ahead]

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