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random image. i just don't like the nana clips 5 cover lol

OMG. I haven’t posted in four months. Somehow, yours truly managed to obtain that thing that most otaku seem to lack… yes, a “life”… nah, who am I kidding. During the summer I messed around (I STILL DIDN’T SEE THE CODE BLUE DVD SPECIAL YET DAMMIT) and now that school started I feel like I have no free time anymore. Oops.

So recently I saw that Nana-san is now queen of music-related blu-rays (here), selling 15k for NANA CLIPS 5. Seems like she still hasn’t reached her career’s peak yet, which makes me happy :D.

Anyways… to get back in the groove I really just wanna do random pic spam and  spaz LOL. It’s been a while since I spazzed on my blog ;A; I’ll just spaz about some fav scenes; I don’t have time to spaz about everything… I haven’t even watched the bonus yet >_<

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Mugen @ Music Japan

So my grad photos are coming up in less than five hours, and of course instead of preparing for it, I am watching Music Japan! That sounds splendid.

I think it’s pretty safe to call Nana-san a MJ regular now. Compared to that first time she sung on TV (Trickster @ Music Fighter) this is pretty awesome. Sometimes I feel like the instrumentals are waay too loud but yeah, it’s not the first time it’s happened.

In other news, why the hell did KinKi Kids and UVERworld release their singles on the same day ;A; whatever. I’m just happy to see that Mugen is basically going against the currents and is swimming upstream ATM. Third place should not be impossible, though Momusu beat them on the first day.

Tamura Yukari 16th single “You & Me” preview


So I was sitting in front of the computer, writing the post for the second episode of Kämpfer while listening to Itazura Kurousagi at the same time. And suddenly it’s like WTF!?!?! Yukarin randomly introduced her new song in the middle of the episode without any warning, as opposed to Smile Gang, where they lure people with “we’re gonna let you hear a preview of the song later today!!” Yukarin skips all that crap and cuts straight to the song randomly. Oh well, not a huge problem, but….


Finally, after talking about check it out yo motsu for like the entire twenty minutes previously on Kurousagi! This will be next year’s Anisama collabo for sure, right?

You & Me
Release date: December 16, 2009
Label: King Records
Catalog No.: KICM-1297
Price: ¥1,200 (tax included)

1. You & Me

TBS Card Gakuen opening theme

2. <untitled>

3. <untitled>

First press edition: Digipak

Preorder: CDJapan

Downloadable preview & Nico link inside.

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Miyano Mamoru – J☆S

AGO Miyano-kun’s new single!

  • the title is an abbreviation for “just smile” (eww wtf). Miyano thought it looked lonely so he added a star in between (!?)
  • the director of this PV (who also directed Etsuraku Camellia) saw Miyano during his live tour and told him “hey, you can dance” and so they decided to make this a dance PV.

…ya like I care about Miyano enough to look this all up. I just heard it from SmaGang a week back or so when he was guesting.

It’s a really linear video, and the vast majority of the costumes are eww as well. But I’ve taken an interest in the song, so as long as I don’t look at the PV everything is fine. Not a fan of Miyano’s breathy falsetto vibrato thing, but whatever, it’s only the beginning that annoys me the most. Love the chorus. For a summer release,  a happy energetic song is really the best.

Miyano also has unbelievable popularity among ItaKuro and SmaGang listeners. Since Yukarin, Nana, and Miyano are all under the King label, their radio shows have permanent commercial spots for each other’s releases, e.g. Yukarin has Nana and Miyano, Nana has Yukarin and Miyano. During the commercials the whole screen on NicoDou looks like this:

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Mizuki Nana Ooi ni Utau summary


WTF. This whole thing is crack. Seriously. I just realized that any place Sugita Tomokazu walks through will become an anime meme land. Jesus Christ, that guy should be a comedian if he ever retires from voice acting.

Anyways, moving on. Uh… I don’t even understand the basic premises of this story. It’s not even a matter of “I don’t understand the language”, it’s more of a “what the hell is even HAPPENING WTF”.  So we’re gonna just glide along the plot while getting to the good anime meme moe moe ONII-CHAN bits.

Let’s go over the cast first.

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Mizuki Nana 7th album – ULTIMATE DIAMOND


Most people probably have already caught wind about this, but I still feel obliged to make a post on it.

Tracklisting & a preview of one of the songs (Gimmick Game), and other thoughts under the cut.

Edit 1: added cover art

Edit 2: Oh Jesus, the official site updated with more tracks.

Edit 3: Can’t they just do this all at once? Gosh. There’s even a special page for the album now.

Edit 4: Final tracklisting with the correct track numbers. Regular edition cover released (which looks absolutely yummy) and a preview of Esturaku Camellia.

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Vocaloid Kagamine Rin – Roshin Yuukai

Note: I wrote this around a month ago, and never got around to posting it. Any time references no longer apply.

Nico Nico

I was wandering around randomly on Nico Nico and saw this awesome MAD of a doujin song with amazing visual effects. As the title of this post says, the song is originally “sung” by the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. Usually I don’t think much of Vocaloid original songs but this is literally the only song I’ve been listening to for the past few days. It’s really depressing seeing how doujin composers can compose such high quality work, while funded commercial companies produce subpar songs. I’m not looking at you, May’n.

In addition to Rin’s version, many other doujin singers have surfaced to challenge the complexity of the high notes in this piece of work. The two with most views are Ritsuka (♀) and Turai (♂).

After I wrote this, a new remix video, sung by Hatsune Miku, has also been made.

Nico Nico.

There’s new graphics and everything, but to be completely honest, I hate it. The beat just annoys me to hell.

But anyways.

The original song is so awesome I felt like transliterating the song so I can learn it. Yay for time-wasters.

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