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random image. i just don't like the nana clips 5 cover lol

OMG. I haven’t posted in four months. Somehow, yours truly managed to obtain that thing that most otaku seem to lack… yes, a “life”… nah, who am I kidding. During the summer I messed around (I STILL DIDN’T SEE THE CODE BLUE DVD SPECIAL YET DAMMIT) and now that school started I feel like I have no free time anymore. Oops.

So recently I saw that Nana-san is now queen of music-related blu-rays (here), selling 15k for NANA CLIPS 5. Seems like she still hasn’t reached her career’s peak yet, which makes me happy :D.

Anyways… to get back in the groove I really just wanna do random pic spam and  spaz LOL. It’s been a while since I spazzed on my blog ;A; I’ll just spaz about some fav scenes; I don’t have time to spaz about everything… I haven’t even watched the bonus yet >_<

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Mizuki Nana – Musterion PV

So I saw the 30-second clip this morning and thought “hey, maybe I should go BLOG or something!”

Uh, yeah. Tell me I’m not the only one who thought that symbol on her arm (and in the background) was a swastika.

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Mizuki Nana – Mugen PV

Edit: King Records is removing videos at light speed. I’ve found another link, but if it disappears again I won’t bother to replace it.

what is this i don’t even

Uh.. wow. Didn’t see something like this coming. Well, not really, since Mugen is kind of different from the usual songs already. This PV half freaks me out after starting to follow the ARG Marble Hornets for a couple of days… Not sure if I can say I like it right now, but ohgod those twins are scary. I’ll have to watch it a few more times later on in the week.

But I want to sleep on Nana’s lap too *runs*

Miyano Mamoru – J☆S

AGO Miyano-kun’s new single!

  • the title is an abbreviation for “just smile” (eww wtf). Miyano thought it looked lonely so he added a star in between (!?)
  • the director of this PV (who also directed Etsuraku Camellia) saw Miyano during his live tour and told him “hey, you can dance” and so they decided to make this a dance PV.

…ya like I care about Miyano enough to look this all up. I just heard it from SmaGang a week back or so when he was guesting.

It’s a really linear video, and the vast majority of the costumes are eww as well. But I’ve taken an interest in the song, so as long as I don’t look at the PV everything is fine. Not a fan of Miyano’s breathy falsetto vibrato thing, but whatever, it’s only the beginning that annoys me the most. Love the chorus. For a summer release,  a happy energetic song is really the best.

Miyano also has unbelievable popularity among ItaKuro and SmaGang listeners. Since Yukarin, Nana, and Miyano are all under the King label, their radio shows have permanent commercial spots for each other’s releases, e.g. Yukarin has Nana and Miyano, Nana has Yukarin and Miyano. During the commercials the whole screen on NicoDou looks like this:

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Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide PV

Wha, what kind of a setting is this? A bunch of horny schoolboys wanting the sexy Bus Guide?

Dear God.

I love it.

In other news, this is exactly what is happening to me and my blogging life right now.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Except in my case it’s the MMORPG Mabinogi. I’m completely addicted.

Latest H!P PVs – Naichau Kamo & Fly away

This is sort of an excuse to talk about Mizuki Nana’s 29th birthday without making a post about her. Happy birthday, Nana-san! :D Moving on.

Morning Musume – Naichau Kamo

Wow. Do I smell plagiarism? Or is it just a coincidence because both songs have “tears” as a theme and naturally tears = water = “OMG RAINSTORM!!1”?

Putting that aside, I actually like the PV but please, can we have everyone look just a bit different? I’m not looking for a costume to be 500% different from another or anything, just maybe little things like colour or accessories. I’m actually quite impressed with some members’ acting skills (like Ai-chan’s). Line distribution was not great, but not as terrible as the disaster that was Resonant Blue either, though I still found myself forgetting about some people until they appeared like three quarters into the video.

I hadn’t heard the preview of the song before watching this. I don’t think it’s a bad song at all, but my “ktkr 神曲” radar isn’t picking up anything major yet.

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Shin Ai PV + Gozen Reiji no Baby Doll preview

That is one loooong bird costume dress. I bet they spent twenty minutes just trying to get it look nice on the ground. I prefer this one to Crystal Letter‘s.

I really like this PV’s simplicity and the worn-down kind of colour palette; it brings out the whole theme with the despair and hopelessness in the love triangle (of WHITE ALBUM). During the whole thing, Nana-san barely moves from her spot at all (she kinda can’t lol), so her facial expressions are integral to express the song. And she does a fine job of it. I’m buying those camera angles from the back too, with how it shows the whole opera house-ish (???) building thing.

Instead of the usual one pretty girl, this time we have two :D. As usual, Agematsu Mika is graceful with the harp — I wonder if we can expect her to appear again later down the road? Maybe as a guest again in some of Nana-san’s future concerts?

Anyway, I declare this PV to be awesome.

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