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hay guys. so anyone got the reference in my post title? too clever huh yeah i know. </retard>

Lately my life has been seriously a hellhole in terms of amount of schoolwork, that and the lack of motivation = this blog forsaken temporarily.

BUT I DON’T WANT ANYONE TO PASS OUT ON THIS OFFER: Steam is currently offering the 2007 critically acclaimed Portal for free! FREE! When it’s usually $30!!

PC gamer or not, if you’ve never played this, GET IT. It is a seriously awesome game, and this is coming from someone who usually hates puzzle games. Heck, I don’t even do any kind of console/PC gaming.

You have until May 24 before the offer expires! Gogogogo!



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Toro Station – Kuro is the most awesome cat ever.

Q: Do any of the characters you play ever affect you? For example, do you get lovelove with Yukarin like Fate and Nanoha are?

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Sanpei Yuuko & Koshimizu Ami’s new unit “Purafini”

It’s been announced quite a while ago already (back in December?), but Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami have banded together in a unit named ±ふぃに.

I’m not quite sure how to romanize ±ふぃに. Since “pura” is supposed to be short for “plus (or minus)”, Plufini? “Fini” would be short for “infinity”. They just selfishly decided not to say out loud the minus part of “plus or minus” LOL.

Anyways, they have a YouTube channel and actually their manzai duo (Sanpei = tsukkomi, Koshimizu = boke) tactics are quite amusing (though of course this will require at least some understanding of moonspeak). I really can’t call myself a “fan” of either, but their personalities just work so well together it’s amazing.

Right now the episodes are still things like “episode 0: deciding on the name of the unit!” and “episode 1: deciding the name of the show!” but good goddd they’re hilarious.

Here’s the latest episode uploaded as of now, where they’re trying to decide on a mascot character:

Everything just kicks into motion right at the very beginning:

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“Tamura-san has really big boobs!”

I… never noticed. I always thought she was more on the DFC side but guess not.

The guy’s Amuro impersonation is pretty good, lol.

leave my contentless post days alone :(

Obsessed otaku infiltrates backstages of Kouhaku

So I found a couple of clips of Wonder x Wonder, the show that aired a special on what goes on behind the curtains of Kouhaku. It started out normally like other Kouhaku clip, but then I saw something strange. AN UNCONTROLLED OTAKU WAS RUNNING AROUND LOOSE!

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Mizuki Nana meets Manabe Kawori

★ 水樹奈々 公式ブログ ≫ 愛媛娘っ☆ (Mizuki Nana’s blog entry)
★ 眞鍋かをりのココだけの話 ≫ 神 (Manabe Kawori’s blog entry)


Yesterday (December 13), there was a private viewing of the Layton movie (to be released on December 19). Nana-san attended it since she plays Jenice, a key character, but to her surprise there was someone there that she wanted to meet long ago!

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