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PHANTOM MINDS = keikaku doori

Queen of #2 finally shakes off the nurse. News article by Oricon here. They also have a mini-chart on the highest single positions achieved by seiyuu:

Place Artist Highest Oricon rank Title Release date
1 Mizuki Nana 1 PHANTOM MINDS 2010/1/13
2 Hayashibara Megumi 3 Northern lights 2002/3/27
Sakamoto Maaya 3 Triangler 2008/4/23
Hirano Aya 3 Super Driver 2009/7/22

ETERNAL BLAZE was #2 but I guess it’s gone since PHANTOM MINDS replaced it.

Quite a pleasant gift before turning 30. Now we have articles going “Mizuki Nana (29) got #1 on the Oricon rankings…” and not “Mizuki Nana (30)” XD.

Not much else to say since it was pretty much expected and I am busy watching Code Blue 2. Let’s aim for #2 for Silent Bible — !

PHANTOM MINDS Oricon Daily #1

After seeing the sheer difference in the index numbers between Nana-san and everyone else, I feel that the only appropriate Mizuki Nana song to loop is “It’s in the bag”.

god sorry for cracking stupid jokes XD

Shin Ai tops Oricon daily chart

The good news: I was afraid that there were Johnny’s this week, but there isn’t any.

The bad news: Though Johnny’s encompasses 90% of all popular boy bands in Japan, there is still the other 10%. Tohoshinki has their triple A-side out in the same week.

Yesterday, obviously Tohoshinki came in first with an index number of over 30k. Shin Ai only had around 7k. Guess what happened today!?


Holy crap. I don’t believe this. MIZUKI NANA BEAT TOHOSHINKI, even if it’s just for one day!?

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