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random image. i just don't like the nana clips 5 cover lol

OMG. I haven’t posted in four months. Somehow, yours truly managed to obtain that thing that most otaku seem to lack… yes, a “life”… nah, who am I kidding. During the summer I messed around (I STILL DIDN’T SEE THE CODE BLUE DVD SPECIAL YET DAMMIT) and now that school started I feel like I have no free time anymore. Oops.

So recently I saw that Nana-san is now queen of music-related blu-rays (here), selling 15k for NANA CLIPS 5. Seems like she still hasn’t reached her career’s peak yet, which makes me happy :D.

Anyways… to get back in the groove I really just wanna do random pic spam and  spaz LOL. It’s been a while since I spazzed on my blog ;A; I’ll just spaz about some fav scenes; I don’t have time to spaz about everything… I haven’t even watched the bonus yet >_<

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Mizuki Nana 8th album “IMPACT EXCITER”


So after much hesitation, I ordered IMPACT EXCITER anyway.

Whelp. Who would’ve thought.

I had a minor dilemma with CDJapan and HMV. I know HMV has the external bonus with the three photo cards, but my frequent shopper points on CDJapan PLUS the summer 500 yen coupon were too hard to ignore… altogether it amounted to $15 CDN saved, so yeah. Sorry, photo cards, I guess I’ll see you guys  someplace else.

I haven’t written any kind of info post about this album so might as well do it now, lol.

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Mizuki Nana – Musterion PV

So I saw the 30-second clip this morning and thought “hey, maybe I should go BLOG or something!”

Uh, yeah. Tell me I’m not the only one who thought that symbol on her arm (and in the background) was a swastika.

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Mizuki Nana 22th single “Silent Bible”

01/17 update 2: Silent Bible streamed on Smile Gang! GO GO GO GO. (aka I am too lazy to rip it and put it here. Go check YT if you don’t have a nico account or something)

We also find out from SmaGang that Mori Haruki is only 21? Holy crap. Silent Bible is actually his first demo tape! And Nana-san finished writing the lyrics in three hours… what’s with all these BEASTS?!

01/17 update: info on other tracks are released. Thank god there’s no more Elega <_>.

Jacket released last night.

This kind of looks like those cool ambient wallpapers those photoshop pros make lol.

But the battle has been lost before it even begun:

KAT-TUNニューシングル 2/10 on sale!
Love yourself~君が嫌いな君が好き~(3版本)
2/10 in store!

KAT-TUN new single 2/10 on sale!
Love yourself ~Kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~ (3 versions)
2/10 in store!


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PHANTOM MINDS Oricon Daily #1

After seeing the sheer difference in the index numbers between Nana-san and everyone else, I feel that the only appropriate Mizuki Nana song to loop is “It’s in the bag”.

god sorry for cracking stupid jokes XD

Mizuki Nana 21st single “PHANTOM MINDS”

Update 1: Single name released on Smile Gang 396, but since it’s audio only I have no idea on the actual capitalization and miscellaneous stuff like that. It’s… not what I would expect for a Nanoha song name?

Edit: Boohoo. Even NANA PARTY has updated now. So much for the suspense. Preorders have started on their English site (CDJapan) too.

Release date: January 13, 2010
Label: King Records
Catalog No.: KICM-1299
Price: ¥1,300 (tax included)

  • Movie Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st theme song
  • Movie Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st insert song
  • Arcade version Shining Force Cross theme song
  • one other song, for a total of 4 songs (NOT an all A-side single)

First press edition: Special package (temporary)

Well I guess we know what the big announcement is now, lol. Quite amusing to see an announcement for a new single in the same week the 20th one was released. I guess my wallet is going to be even emptier now ;A;

According to Neowing/CDJapan, this includes the Nanoha movie OP & IN and something to do with Shining Force Cross.

Yukarin’s 17th single announcement should be coming soon also? What would really be awesome is if all the Nanoha songs are released on one CD, so I don’t have to contemplate on whether I should get Yukarin’s ED or not… but yeah. That’s not going to happen.

Can’t write anything besides these short little posts until at least past tomorrow, tests galore >: back to studying.

Mizuki Nana 20th single “Mugen” preview (Update 5: 4th song unlocked!)

Cast of WHITE ALBUM 2. what.

Cast of WHITE ALBUM 2. what.

Update 5: STORIES aired. Dear Dream has been floating around on Nico a couple of weeks too, but it’s from the ending of the show that it is a tie-up to and not a streaming version from SmaGang.

Update 4: Tenkuu no Canaria (Canary) aired on Smile Gang. Preview is inside. AWSM SONG IS AWSM. As a side note this week’s SmaGang is legendary. Includes chikan Nana-san going “mmmmmm female high school students’ buttssssss” <_<.

Update 3: Added super tie up for 4th song. Apparently this show is going to be broadcast nationally live so shockingly this is THE tie up of the single. It’s about girls from universities… running. Yeah.

Update 2: CD jacket released! It’s reminding me of stuff like EtaBure/JasuBiri!

Update 1: details of the second and fourth track have been released on the official site

So a preview of Mugen finally aired on today’s Smile Gang episode!

Currently known information about the single from the official site (this post will be updated as more information is released):

Release date: October 28, 2009
Label: King Records
Catalog No.: KICM-1294
Price: ¥1,300 (tax included)

1. Mugen

TV Anime WHITE ALBUM OP theme/Ani-melomix TV-CM song
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana / Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden) / Arrangement: Fujita Junpei (Elements Garden)

2. Tenkuu no Canaria (Canary)

Anime Tales of Symphonia THE ANIMATION Tethe‘alla Arc opening theme
Lyrics: Hibiki / Composition, Arrangement: Katou Yuusuke

3. Dear Dream

TBS Card Gakuen ending theme
Lyrics, Composition: Shihori / Arrangement: Saitou Shinya & IPEMOTO


Nippon TV 27th Mori no Miyako Zen-Nihon Joshi Daigaku Ekiden image song
Lyrics:  Kanda Leo & Saita Kazunori / Composition: Saitou Yoshihiro / Arrangement: Furukawa Takahiro

First press edition: Special navy case

Preorder: CDJapan

Downloadable preview + Nico link are inside.

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