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New Kuwazugirai Ou: Mizuki Nana vs Kim Jaejoong

These past few weeks it seems like my life has been pretty hectic (hint: grad), but it’s finally calmed down a bit. After what seems to be ages, I bring a post with actual content!

Admittedly I haven’t been keeping up with stuff lately but I was reading Nana-san’s blog which mentioned the airing of this. So I was like “ohh yeahhh!”  It’s still pretty surreal seeing her on an actual popular TV show (that Keitai Oogiri thing is complete bull). What’s even more surreal is that her opponent is none other than the Korean hottie Kim Jaejoong from the popular (and now defunct in Japan… lol) band Tohoshinki. Not a bad match at all, both are popular and still rising. Tohoshinki is actually one of the Korean boy bands I like better so this is a pretty good deal for me.

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Shin Ai tops Oricon daily chart

The good news: I was afraid that there were Johnny’s this week, but there isn’t any.

The bad news: Though Johnny’s encompasses 90% of all popular boy bands in Japan, there is still the other 10%. Tohoshinki has their triple A-side out in the same week.

Yesterday, obviously Tohoshinki came in first with an index number of over 30k. Shin Ai only had around 7k. Guess what happened today!?


Holy crap. I don’t believe this. MIZUKI NANA BEAT TOHOSHINKI, even if it’s just for one day!?

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