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Ganbatta Awards – Code Blue 2 & LIAR GAME 2

Erika-tan is too・cute (´Д`;)

filler post alert

Code Blue 2 NG scenes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Sanpei Yuuko & Koshimizu Ami’s new unit “Purafini”

It’s been announced quite a while ago already (back in December?), but Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami have banded together in a unit named ±ふぃに.

I’m not quite sure how to romanize ±ふぃに. Since “pura” is supposed to be short for “plus (or minus)”, Plufini? “Fini” would be short for “infinity”. They just selfishly decided not to say out loud the minus part of “plus or minus” LOL.

Anyways, they have a YouTube channel and actually their manzai duo (Sanpei = tsukkomi, Koshimizu = boke) tactics are quite amusing (though of course this will require at least some understanding of moonspeak). I really can’t call myself a “fan” of either, but their personalities just work so well together it’s amazing.

Right now the episodes are still things like “episode 0: deciding on the name of the unit!” and “episode 1: deciding the name of the show!” but good goddd they’re hilarious.

Here’s the latest episode uploaded as of now, where they’re trying to decide on a mascot character:

Everything just kicks into motion right at the very beginning:

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Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka – magnet

disclaimer: not by me. original pixiv page

I don’t frequent the Vocaloid scene very often; I only know the most basic of the “famous” songs (Melt, Black Rock Shooter, Roshin Yuukai, etc). So I was on Pixiv and stumbled upon an illustration of Shiraishi/Hiyama from CB2 (above) that seemed to be a parody of Miku/Luka in the song “magnet” by, uhh…Turai/minato/Ryuusei P. They go by three different names. Turai? THAT Turai? If it’s the same person then wow, he’s very musically talented. Aaaanyways.

Nico Nico

Because of the illustration, I went to listen to the song and as with all other godly Vocaloid songs, the musical quality is extraordinarily high, much higher than many professionally composed works.

Two covers with most views on Nico are by Hitori & che:Sakurai () and clear & Dasoku (). This song is kind of erotic so I was getting all goosebumpy while listening to actual people singing it <_>. Especially Hitori & che:Sakurai’s version, which actually shocked me the first time around with their wide ranges. It makes me feel like musically retarded that I can go neither as high nor as low as them lol.

Another version worth mention is Sekihan & Pico‘s (♂). It hasn’t reached 1 million views yet, but it’s like the reverse version of Hitori & che:Sakurai’s: two guys with the ability to sing in convincing female voices. Pico’s falsetto is seeexy. I am sure the last chorus with the ending bit just killed all fujoshi within a five hundred meter radius, because even I felt something orz. These people are all beasts with their ten-octave ranges.

Covers aside, this calls for more transliterations!

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“Tamura-san has really big boobs!”

I… never noticed. I always thought she was more on the DFC side but guess not.

The guy’s Amuro impersonation is pretty good, lol.

leave my contentless post days alone :(

Shinseiki Anison SP 2 preview

There’s like two seconds of PHANTOM MINDS. I’m quite surprised it’s not composed by Elements Garden.

In other news, I am not gonna update all that info on PHANTOM MINDS anymore because A FREAKING 22TH SINGLE (Silent Bible) HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Includes the opening for the Nanoha PSP game. On top of that, IT HAS FOUR TRACKS. AGAIN. Gosh Nana-san is really on a roll. Not that I mind, but my wallet is starting to feel the effects.

oh and also because i have no time. yeah. look at these contentless posts lately (and my lack of care for capitalization in this sentence).

Jin Nakamura’s ballads are quite awsm. Too bad the better singer sells for less than 10k copies, while the one with 80% of Japan’s teenage girls swooning over him will sell anywhere from 100k to 600k. Sigh.

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PS. Holy hell, Code Blue season 2 green lit. I have to sit through hours of Yamapi’s stupid bored face again.

Mugen @ Music Japan

So my grad photos are coming up in less than five hours, and of course instead of preparing for it, I am watching Music Japan! That sounds splendid.

I think it’s pretty safe to call Nana-san a MJ regular now. Compared to that first time she sung on TV (Trickster @ Music Fighter) this is pretty awesome. Sometimes I feel like the instrumentals are waay too loud but yeah, it’s not the first time it’s happened.

In other news, why the hell did KinKi Kids and UVERworld release their singles on the same day ;A; whatever. I’m just happy to see that Mugen is basically going against the currents and is swimming upstream ATM. Third place should not be impossible, though Momusu beat them on the first day.